Nobody wants to be viewed as an amateur, but sometimes that is just how folks come across. Whether it is having all the latest cool guy gear then not knowing how to use it or just doing something that might look cool, but in reality is far from cool.


I am reminded of Hollywood in these circumstances, paid actors who really don’t know what they are doing, are given a quick data dump to just make it look plausible to the casual viewer. I see the same thing mainly in the tactics world and it has a lot to do with weapon posture/carriage. The weapon system should be in one of three positions, either on target/danger area, at a safe ready position or holstered/slung up. Since you are in a tactical scenario the last one is for the most part out, but the first two really need a lot of work from what I have seen.

What is Your Purpose

The training scars we see are pretty deep at times and about the only thing you can do is ask yourself, “what is my purpose?” I mean, what are you doing? Are you point, moving down a hallway, are security on a door or are you clearing a corner? Each of these situations will call for three things; the ability to scan/search the area, the ability to quickly  and positively identify all personnel and then the ability to deliver accurate and effective fire.

With poor weapons posture you really do a poor job of scanning and if necessary shooting. I am surprised to see so many people not really thinking it through. As I was preparing for an article last week I did some research on Active Shooter pictures and I was amazed to see so many images of folk either in training or real world demonstrating suboptimal techniques.

Sort this Shit Out

I see three main areas of improvement that should be pretty easy to correct if you always considering yourself a shooter. First, is this crazy compressed on target thing. I don’t even know what to call it, but I’m sure you know what I am saying. Literally, the slide is going to smack you in the face if you cook off rounds. How this got started I have no idea, but again ask yourself what is your purpose. Here is where mindset really is critical, you need to assume that the reason your weapon is pointed in a certain direction is you are going to shoot it in that direction. So, with that being said and the purpose of discharging your weapon being to neutralize a threat with accurate fire you are living a pipe dream if you think you can do it from that posture.

The next one has to do with your hands on the weapon. I joke when I reference it as jazz hands, but you have to wonder. Again, what is your purpose because if your purpose is to deliver quick and accurate fire you have to assume it will include more than one round so having a solid firing grip might be important.

The last one has to do with canting the weapon, in a fast paced situation where you believe you will have to engage a threat you will do one of two things; either waste time bringing the weapon back to sights up or worse, take the shots with some caddywhompus canted weapons posture with the rounds going lord knows where.

Remember, you have a moral and legal obligation for the final resting place of every round fired. Employ solid and effective technique, leave the acting to the amateurs.

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  1. wyominggrunt says:

    Great article Jeff. I have a number of officers who acquired this scar. They immediately pull the gun into the compressed ready taking themselves out of the fight. I hold on the spot remedial asking them if the bad guy rolls out from cover, weapon ready and you are in the compressed ready, who wins that fight? Usually they agree the bad guy does. We then discuss situation dictates tactics. Its the result of some bad training given by the state law enforcement academy. They (academy) also advocate after engaging the threat come into position sul and perform a 360 turn to check your six. Square range mentality that gets people killed. I advocate check your work thru your sights, hold on the threat while expanding your situational awareness. Since anchoring shots are not happening in LE world the bad guy needs controlled, taken into custody, or pronounced b y the coroner. Gunfights are a thinking mans game.

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