The other day I put together a blog based off observations from a recent class. See Rode Hard and Put Away Wet to review. It seemed that folks were quick to condemn the various manufactures and even criticize the article because I wouldn’t name names.

Pack Sand

I akin this to a fickle mob. Seriously, everyone needs to chill out. The experience gave us the opportunity to discuss the best method for resolution with those directly affected. Going to the internet and blasting folks is pretty similar to a recent event at the commencement speech at Haverford College. The speaker blasted a minority of students and faculty for protesting the originally scheduled speaker for his handling of the Occupy Protest in 2011. The protesters came out and demanded an apology for which the speaker told them to pack sand. Ok, maybe those are my words, but that’s basically what he told them.

Have a Plan

I see the way some people have responded and you cannot help but draw some corollaries. I have had to deal with manufactures from all corners of this industry and there is a process that benefits everyone involved. If you feel like a product is not living up to the marketing hype don’t be surprised. Marketing is designed to sell products, plain and simple. Now, if the product is failing or unreliable that could be a different story.

Take the time to contact the manufacture and speak with their customer service. Realize they are there to help so approach the situation from a very objective point of view. The moment yo make it personal, you are going to loose. You need to clearly define the problem you are having and I mean clearly define it. If you don’t know the cycle of operation for modern firearms then you better educate yourself and figure out what is going on. Were you able to isolate the problem, in other words did it occur during certain drills, with certain ammunition or through certain magazines. This by no means is a complete list, but hopefully you get the point. If all you got is, “it doesn’t work” you are in for a disappointing ride.

Know the Deal

Once you are able to determine the issue, ask the customer service if they have any documentation of similar problems. Be specific about asking this question. This may be the information they need to conduct a more thorough internal audit to find out if there is a pattern developing or if the situation is isolated. If it is a pattern then they will more than likely have taken steps or are in the process of taking steps. If it is isolated then they can look at how best to resolve your situation.

Understand that unless it is covered by a warranty they really don’t have to do anything. I find that the large majority of the top manufactures will still go out of their way to service the customer. Most are very proud of their products and take their reputation seriously, but that should not be mistaken for weakness.

The burden of reliability rest with you, you need to get out there and proof the gear you choose to employ. Don’t take it lightly and if things don’t go as planned take the time to work with the manufacture to help fix the problem.

One thought on “The Mob is Fickle

  1. jsewell13 says:

    Just to note, that I ALWAYS read your blog. You are always spot-on correct. I appreciate your insights. The world is full of whiners. Keep up the excellent work. Even the eagles get harassed by the little dicky birds.

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