Have you ever given any thought to the idea that if bad guys knew you were going to fight to the death to protect your family would they think twice about their criminal actions. What if you not only were mentally prepared, but physically prepared. You trained your body, pushed it to the physical limits to be ready for whatever life throws at you. Then add you were laden with the tools of your trade; proficient at worse, mastery at best.

Warrior garb

Sounds pretty awesome does is not, now what if to recognize this individual they had a special hat or shirt they wore that denoted warrior. Hmm, I like this idea more and more. What if criminals who confronted these cladded warriors were unprepared for the level of violence and aggression. Actions that are swift and precise, yet measured against the threat they face. Sure, some of the warriors may fall, but they fall defending what matters most to them and I doubt they would have regrets. These warriors know the cost of victory, they earn it every day with their deeds. More importantly, they know the cost of failure. A failure too costly to comprehend at times and fuel to fight harder, shooter faster and just be meaner in the end.


These warriors grow in numbers, they pass each other and offer a gesture or acknowledgement. They walk amongst the rest of the population largely unnoticed except for the warrior garb, the attire that is recognized by both friend and foe. Is it something so far fetched, maybe, but the real point was not to romanticize this warrior I describe, instead it was to illustrate the world that is created.

Safety by proxy

So, try to think of it from the point of view of the non-warrior. What benefits by proxy do they get to enjoy because of the cladded warriors and now this is going to really fry your noodle, what if they want to wear this recognized garb because they somehow know it will bring them a degree of safety from predators. It is recognized as danger and to be avoided, there are easier targets that abound elsewhere. The hard work, discipline and lifestyle that is created by the warrior cladded society is enjoyed by those who don’t want to apply the same effort.

Role reversals, of sorts

This utopia is not as far fetched as some may think. Many of us already do wear our own version of warrior garb, if you look closely you will see it and while it changes there is still a pattern to be observed. What I am talking about is an actual departure from the “gray man” and something more along the lines of recognition. It is not a perfect idea, but it does have you stopping to go; what if? What if there was an understanding that I am not volunteering to be a victim, but instead I am prepared to confront evil as a warrior. I am mentally, physically and tactically prepared to exercise surgical violence to protect that which I love.

I know it is a pipe dream and don’t confuse this with being a vigilante. I am not talking about seeking out danger, I’m just talking about being prepared and evil’s recognition of said preparation. The moral to this story is if this type of utopia existed I’m betting non-warriors would welcome the safety through association.


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