It’s hard to know what’s really happening in the world via our media these days. They have all but become useless as far as reporting the news, present the facts in an unbiased way and let the individual decide.

I don’t want to make it out that “every journalist” has their own agenda driving their reports, but it seems very likely that those in mainstream media have falling from grace. Take the recent active shooter threats where an armed response not only ended the carnage, but prevented further loss of life. What really bothers me is that a few of these issues happened on school grounds where a school resource officer(s) were able to quickly move to and contain the shooters through an armed response.

Then there is the armed citizens who just by confronting the cowards preying on our vulnerable were able to alter the outcome. There have been several of these, but yet we still don’t hear about it from the news media. These individuals are not seeking attention, in fact most of them are shying away and who would blame them. They just did the right thing and want to get back to their lives.

I totally respect their privacy, but it would be nice to see the media report on these incidents in a factual and unbiased manner. Right now would be good, especially with all the blatant and outright lies regarding “school shootings” put out by the anti-gun crowd. While many of us are well aware of the assault on our constitutional rights, a surprising number of folks are not or worse are brainwashed into thinking that an outright ban on all guns will protect folks.

When you watch those who are known to be anti-gun profess how guns are evil and those who own guns “terrorize” the majority of America you just have to shake your head. These are the same people who have been charged with our safety, both domestically and worldwide yet have displayed gross negligence at the best, incompetence at the worse. If these guns were so evil, then how is it that the armed resource officer who employed his firearm to protect not evil? Of course he’s not, it’s in an inanimate object. But the real hypocrisy is how the news won’t report how evil was thwarted by good people who took action. Another level of hypocrisy is who can use a firearm to protect, how the homeowner, the single mother or the elderly are often overlooked by the media for their courageous deeds.

It seems that the media judges newsworthiness based on whether it supports their agenda. The real scary part is whether it’s their own actions or actions based off the government’s wishes. The status quo is completely unacceptable. It goes beyond unacceptable to the point of of damaging our future. In my opinion the biased media represents a danger to our freedoms.

Dictatorships rule the land not so much through an iron fist, but by controlling the information. It’s not always what they report on, but more often what they don’t report on. When the masses are kept in the dark the government is free to run a mock.

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