During a break at a recent Concealed Carry Tactics class we discussed quality of life and how carrying concealed factors into that concept. Many folks carry concealed and live around the gun, I choose to look at differently, I live my life and carry concealed.

The Ostrich Syndrome

What does the Ostrich Syndrome really mean? It means a lot of folks limit their concealment options. By limiting their concealment options they reduce the ability to truly carry concealed and be armed. As part of the class students line up and everyone gets a chance to view their concealment system. Usually we do this standing, sitting and kneeling to give folks a perspective of what they really look like when they are carrying concealed. The funny part is how often folks really think they are concealed when they are just covering up a bulge.

Comfort, First and Foremost

It goes further than just equipment selection, there is a mindset that goes with carrying concealed that must be honed over years. The real key to carrying concealed is being comfortable. The more comfortable you are with your concealment load out the more competent you will be at concealing. The more competent you are the more confident you will be in public. Part of developing comfort is just doing it, doing it as often as you can and that starts within the safety of your own home. I recommend you make it a practice of carrying in your home. Yes, there is the enhanced security, but the real advantage is how you go about your daily life. The impact carrying concealed has on your daily activities.

One Trick Pony

I find it interesting how many questions we get from prospective students asking why we require a primary, secondary and backup load out in our advanced concealment classes. Many will comment how they only have one load out and they are good to go. Yet, when we see them in class and we peer review their load out it can have a surprising effect. One student commented how we all know each of us is carrying concealed. True and you should expect that as more and more folks take up the art of concealed carry. More and more people will be looking, dressing down folks in public. So, if you can truly carry concealed with limited and I mean limited visual signature then the average American will be completely unaware.

Diversity, Embrace It

A major take away from the class, aside from the training, is the acknowledgement of the diverse skills needed to truly carry concealed under a variety of conditions. From everything to perceived threat conditions, equipment requirements, to the weather and even to social settings. Each of these offers unique independent challenges, but often overlap with one another. Even if you think your “super special do it all” concealed load out is the end all be all I strongly encourage you to diversify. Get good at carrying in a variety of conditions and with different systems. Streamline your actual concealed carry techniques so they transcend all these challenges.

In the 3 plus decades I have been carrying concealed I am still working hard to reduce my visual signature. So should you.

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