Concealed Carry Manual

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An In-Depth Study Of The Methodology Of Discreetly Carrying Concealed

CCM_01People want to live their lives peacefully. Yet more and more are recognizing that evil exists in our world. They are taking personal safety as a personal responsibility. I want to live my life to the fullest and enjoy all there is to offer. I just choose to be armed in the process. Many times you are told to dress around the firearm. That is one option; I prefer to find a better fit. One that allows me to enjoy life while being armed. The Concealed Carry Manual will help you on your journey.

CCMWhether new to concealed carry or a seasoned veteran, this manual will a provide invaluable information on your path to personal protection. Taken from over 20 years of operational and instructional experience, Jeff condenses the subject of concealed carry into a simple system. There are no single answers to solving the mystery behind carrying concealed. However, there is a system that allows you to match your environmental, social and legal requirements with what you have available.  

Looking for answers to commonly asked concealed carry questions: 

  • Are you unsure of what type of firearm to purchase? 
  • How do I pick a good holster and belt? 
  • Should I carry all the time, some of the time or when needed? 
  • Why do I need to have a simple defeat methodology? 
  • What’s the best tactic to avoid a critical incident?

Carrying a firearm for self-defense is a huge step for many people. There are lots of lingering questions. Good questions that need well thought-out answers. This manual will provide many of those answers. It will also help to build a sustainable and user-friendly system for carrying confidently, comfortably & discreetly. The goal of this manual is to help identify your needs so you can live your life, and be armed in the process.  

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