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Private Instruction sessions are designed to give the student an opportunity to experience a one-to-one training environment. There are many reasons this is not only helpful, but advantageous. The first being you don’t know where to start or how to begin. You may have some physical limitations or issues that require a more specific approach. We all can experience the performance plateau and private instruction is great at breaking into the next level. In this process, you learn how to set realistic goals and challenge yourself to improve through an accountability approach. Lastly, with hectic schedules and time commitments these short sessions can more easily fit into your lifestyle.

Private Instruction is excellent for first time shooters who may have never fired a firearm, the LTC applicant looking to prepare for their shooting qualification or experienced shooters wanting specific skill set improvement. The goal is to work with you to improve your shooting knowledge, skills and ability. Each future session is customized then further refined from our instructor’s observations and diagnostics of your skills

Private Instruction

2 Hours of Private Instruction


Private Consultation

Private Consultation

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