Company Policies

Trident Concepts, LLC. reserves the right to change, update or alter our policies at any time and without notification. These policies and procedures are in place to protect all parties, our students and ourselves. We feel prudence demands we hold ourselves and our students to a higher standard. Your understanding and support is greatly appreciated in this manner.

Attendance Policy

Trident Concepts, LLC. reserve the right to refuse business or services to any individuals or organizations without providing an explanation. Final approval for attendance is at the sole discretion of our staff and is non-negotiable.

Student Credentials

Trident Concepts, LLC. we will be requiring more stringent student credentials for certain classes. Failure to provide required material may result in dismissal from class and forfeiture of class registration fee and nonrefundable deposit. Training courses are limited to United States citizens who meet the appropriate criteria.

Payment, Refund and Cancellation Policies

These policies are strictly followed to ensure the highest quality of training and service. We will train regardless of global tensions or under any weather conditions we deem safe. Therefore we will not issue a refund on account of circumstances outside of our control. It is the student’s responsibility to stay informed and in contact with us prior to class and during class. We take reasonable steps via emails to keep the students informed of any changes or last minute updates. Students are encouraged to check their emails often, we are not responsible for failed communications such as, but not limited to junk inboxes, failed connections or bad emails.

  • Registration fees must be paid in full to guarantee students seats; which includes a $150.00 non-refundable deposit (NRD). The non-refundable deposit is used to compensate for the time, money and effort to promote and market the class. We spend much of our time filling each class through paid advertisements, direct marketing and social media campaigns and as such must recoup these losses. 
  • Any changes to student status must be communicated to our staff via email at: admin@tridentconcepts.com
    • Speaking with personal by phone or other means does not qualify as an official notice.
    • We must receive an email stating your intentions from the same email address used to register or we will not honor the request.
    • Failing to contact us prior to the first day of training will result in forfeiture of class registration fees and NRD.
  • For class withdrawals, students may voluntarily drop out of class and request a refund or transfer to another class.
    • Withdrawals greater than 30 days from training day one (TD1) will receive a refund minus the NRD.
    • Withdrawals less than 30 days from TD1 will forfeit registration fees and NRD.
  • For class transfers students may request to voluntarily move to another similar class.
    • Transfers greater than 30 days from TD1 will be complimentary.
    • Transfers less than 30 days from TD1 will be honored minus the NRD.
    • Transfers are subject to space availability and exclude any range fees.
    • Transfer requests to any new class will be based on the normal registration fee (no sales, coupons or early bird discounts), any difference in registration fee shall be the responsibility of the student and payable before class to reserve their seat.
    • Transfers are good for a one time request, class registration fee and NRD will be forfeited if the student cannot attend the rescheduled class.
    • Transfer period is 18 months from the original class date, after which the registration fee and NRD will be forfeited.
  • Students who voluntarily withdrawal after training begins forfeits their class registration fee and NRD.
  • Students are considered “no show” if they are absent from training after training day one.
    • “No show” students forfeit their registration fee and NRD.
    • For “no show” students who wish to rejoin the class after training day one, the primary instructor shall make a determination and his decision is final.
  • Students who are dismissed from training due to safety risks will be prorated their class registration fee minus the NRD.
  • In the event we have to postpone, reschedule or cancel a class due to circumstances beyond our control, a new class date will be provided in a timely manner (usually 10 business days or less).
    • We reserve the right to postpone, reschedule or cancel classes at our discretion.
    • If the student cannot attend the new class dates, then a credit voucher minus the NRD will be issued good for eighteen (18) months from the new class date.
    • If the student wishes to cancel then a full refund minus the NRD shall be issued.


Trident Concepts, LLC reserves the right to remove and if necessary eject from training any student who represents a danger to themself or the class. Failing to follow staff instructions, safety rules, class protocol or conduct deemed unsafe or unbecoming will result in the immediate removal. In certain circumstances, students may be placed on an administrative hold pending a review of their actions or inaction before returning to class. Students who are ejected from training will be asked to leave immediately. Trident Concepts follows an Operational Risk Management (ORM) policy regarding safe training practices and student:instructor ratios. Each evolution is evaluated, hazards identified and assessed with controls implemented to ensure the safest training possible. Some controls may include students being pulled from evolutions beyond their skill and capability and are at the sole discretion of the staff.

Range Fees

Effective January 1, 2003 all students and hosts are responsible for paying range fees. Range fees will be collected by a representative of the range facility on TD1. We are forced to do this in order to keep our class registration price the same. The alternative would be to raise our class registration prices to compensate for range fees. This seems unfair since range fees vary and we don’t want everyone to be affected by a blanket registration price increase. In general range fees are approximately $30 per day (some locations are subject to higher or lower fees). Range fees must be paid before any students or host may participate in training.

Logistics Advisory

Please be aware that airline logistics and other modes of mass transportation are becoming very time consuming and difficult, so please plan accordingly. We are not responsible for logistical mishaps, such as but not limited to missed flights, inclement weather, mechanical problems or late departures. You have our sympathy, but regrettably we cannot do anything with regards to refunds. We can only issue a credit voucher valid for eighteen (18) months from the original class date. The credit voucher is good for the class registration fee minus the NRD and is not transferable to anyone other than the listed party. Any balance owed for the rescheduled class must be paid in full in advance to reserve your seat and is a one time use.


Communicating with our customers and clients is an essential part of our services. Our staff routinely travels throughout the country to provide world class training. As a result, we have established a policy to respond to customer’s general inquiries within 24-hours on the weekdays and 72-hours on the weekends. If the situation is an emergency will will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible. Most requests from customers are easily addressed through the various resources available on our website. For customers who do not take advantage of these resources or still have questions we will do our level best to provide a timely response. Please be aware that situations that cannot be resolved through the various resources on our website may take longer. This is largely due to the travel status affecting our own internal communication. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Product Refunds

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact our office for a return authorization. You can return items in their original packing unopened minus a 15% restocking fee within 30 days of purchase. Product returned to us opened, damaged or otherwise unusable are not eligible for a refund of any kind. If you received the wrong product please contact our office to start the return process. Return the product in question in the original packaging, unopened via USPS to the following address:

Trident Concepts
Attn: Returns
PO Box 342138
Austin, TX 78734

We will review the order and returned product. In the case of an error, we will refund you the shipping charge not to exceed the original shipping charge and ship the corrected item to complete the order. If you have any questions or comments concerning our policies or procedures, please feel free to contact us. We will do our level best to accommodate everyone within reason. E-mail: admin@tridentconcepts.com