I’m fortunate to do something I really enjoy, even go so far as to say love. I founded this company over 20 years ago. In that time we have seen thousands of students come through our programs. It is a pleasure to work with students at all levels, but especially those new to our industry. I know it can be confusing or even intimidating.

Our directive is to welcome all, provide an enjoyable and productive opportunity to work together. I’ve discovered more about leadership as an instructor than I could have imagined.

A central tenant to being successful is trust. I work tirelessly to gain the trust that opens doors and overcomes obstacles to learning. In the process, we have made amazing friendships and relationships.

While I know should you need to employ the skills we offer, it will be the worst day you could imagine. But, I’m confident in our ability to improve students skill level because I believe in the student. I believe what I’m asking is achievable. Every time I’ve challenged a student to grow they have done so and I couldn’t be prouder.

My vision is to bring the joy and passion for the shooting arts to as many people as possible. To impact them in a positive and meaningful way. To create the next generation of instructors, shooters and ambassadors to defend our freedoms and our way of life.

Our story

US Navy SEAL Jeff L. Gonzales is a nationally recognized weapons and tactics instructor. He is the founder and CEO of Trident Concepts, LLC., former director of training for The Range at Austin and current podcast host for the BulletProof Workshop podcast.

Jeff’s background comes from Naval Special Warfare; where he served as a decorated and respected operator and instructor. Participating in numerous combat operations throughout the globe, his duties involved a wide variety of operational and instructional assignments on both the East and West coasts.

Through Trident Concepts, Jeff pioneered new advances in weapons and tactics instruction. His unique understanding of adult learning, detailed curriculum development and rigorous adherence to performance standards continue to set him apart from an increasingly crowded field.

In recent years, Jeff has increased his focus on concealed carry. Leveraging his experience operating in non-permissive environments all over the world, Jeff shares his unique knowledge with members of law enforcement, military and responsibly armed citizens. In this process, he has created lasting relationships and friendships.

Passionate and dynamic, Jeff has been recognized as a subject matter expert on carrying concealed having recently published The Concealed Carry Manual. He was a former member of the NRA’s Training and Education Committee. His manuscripts and articles are frequently published. He has the good fortune to regularly be asked to speak publicly on a wide variety of topics including leadership, public safety, training standards, firearms, concealed carry and self-defense.

Parties interested in having Jeff as a speaker or guest appearance should contact our office for details and booking.

Our mission

Welcome Aboard…

Thank you for joining our team. I appreciate your trust. I’m excited to be working with you to help improve your self-defense readiness & shooting performance both in person and virtually. I look forward to getting to know you a little better in the near future. Please let me know if I can answer any questions.

Until then, stay safe or be dangerous


Our team

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