So, if you haven’t heard, there was a huge bone-headed move by a manufacture within the firearms industry. Troy Industries hired a known anti-gun individual to be a part of their training staff.

Ok, I didn’t know they had a training division in the first place and second what in the hell were they thinking? Apparently, they were not thinking and I’ll bet they are in major damage control mode trying to figure out what their next move is in order to minimize the damage. My fear is we are going to see some tap dancing and slight of hand. I want to nip that in bud right now, no way will that be acceptable. I am all for giving them a chance to confirm their actions and listening, but it is when responsibility gets shucked that I will have a problem.

I don’t care who made the decision, whether it was an intern or the CEO. The decision was made and now you have to own up to it. My hope is these guys do the right thing by  admitting to their mistake, apologizing for the betrayal and begging for the industry’s forgiveness. I don’t care why they made the decision so any attempt at trying to persuade the public it was not well thought out, failed due diligence or any other excuse is just going to look like that, an excuse. If it even smells similar to the bullshit we have been feed from our current administration I don’t see them long for this world.

I happen to think their Battle Sights are some of the best on the market, but there are plenty of other companies who produce some pretty awesome options so trying to play the “they need us” card would end up with lame results. Some might comment that betrayal is a pretty strong word, but is it really. I mean here is a company that has earned their living providing firearm parts in various forms and then to hire someone as anti-gun as Jody Weiss. He wasn’t even some low level political activist, he is a big gun in the anti-gun camp. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Begging for forgiveness might also seem extreme, but at the very least they need to drop the political maneuvering and seriously own up to their mistake. Was it intentional, I don’t know, I don’t care and it doesn’t matter. Did it shake the trust of the American consumer, unequivocally hell yes. Can they repair the damage, only time will tell, but again what will not help is following in the current administrations footsteps.

Well, it would be nice to never make a mistake, but we all know that is not possible. Instead, we should be paying attention to how they handle themselves now. When we make mistakes no matter how big or small, we need take responsibility for our actions, recognize they affected not just us, but those around us and hopefully in time regain the trust of those around us.

So, Troy, if you are listening, we are all watching. The next move is yours.

1 thoughts on “Dumb, stupid and then there is FUBAR

  1. mtrantham99 says:

    Very stupid. I will tell you the fall out has been extreme. As an FFL, i see the current available inventory at the wholesaler/distributor level and there are LOT of Troy AR15’s sitting in inventory and over the last 2 months there has been no reduction in that available inventory. Great find on this information, as I had not heard about this hiring but now know why the inventory wasn’t moving – it seemed puzzling to me at first, but now I know it is a general boycott of their products.

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