I wrote this a year after the terrorist attacks and I still believe it is true, though many in this country have forgotten. Let’s help them remember…

A lot has happened in a year and last night I reflected on as much as my brain would allow. In so doing I came across a few items that I wanted to share. Normally, I don’t like to abuse the internet, but in this case it felt worth it. I started this without really knowing what I wanted to say and somehow managed to say enough. My intention was to somehow relay my own thoughts and to extend to the lives of those who were impacted the most my sincerest sympathy.

Obviously, things have changed since last 9-11 and the hard reality is they will never be the same again. I feel that many people are upset by this and they should be, but being that we cannot set back the clock of time we must live with it, for better or for worse.

Someone famous once said anyone can see the bad in something, but it takes a hearty person to dig deep and find the good. The events of last September were probably not on the mind of whoever coined the phrase. Let us just say for arguments sake we do look for the good in what has happened.

The first thing that strikes me is unity. Our country has been brought together, bonded by one wound, a very ugly one at that. For the first time in a long time, we stand side by side. I can tell you without a reservation in my heart it is truly the glory of being an American. People of all walks of life shouting at the top of their lungs, “we will not go quietly into the night, we will not let the lives of so many be forgotten, ever…” It is the power of our resolve that pushes us forward; it is our strength as a singular unit that will bring victory. Had the so called martyrs anticipated that, they would not have been so bold.

Next, I see precision. Instead of lobbing million dollar hardware with little to no effect we are planning, deciding and preparing. Nothing can be as awesome as the full power of our people guided by such an important resolution. The sleeper has awoken and justice shall be ours, we will prevail. While yes our initial goal is is to seek out and destroy terrorist at the very heart of terrorism this is merely the tip of the iceberg. It is our future that guides our precision. Our children represent a true purpose behind all that we do. Yes, it is important to eradicate terrorism, but why. To create an environment free of terror, so our children can prosper as we hope they all do.

Our way of life is different from many, but it is ours. These threats strike at our heart and say to us, “you are wrong for doing the things you do.” They hurt us terribly, but they also challenged our existence as Americans. We are a very special nation guided by our forefathers in the pursuit of many ambitions. It may not be the perfect pursuit, but it is ours and I can tell you without reservation it is truly beautiful.

This summer I had the very special opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. and on my birthday my wife and family ventured along the mall. It was very inspiring to view all the memorials and monuments. I could not help but feel so very proud of our accomplishments and so sad at the loss of human lives in the pursuit of such accomplishments. Whether we believe they were righteous or not is not necessarily the point. What is the point, is we recognize the loss of human life and honor their courage. Perhaps the most awe inspiring stop was at the Lincoln Memorial. We have all read the Gettysburg Address at one point in our lives, but it was not until I stood their in the great hall and took in the enormous words etched into the granite wall that I understood why I felt so compelled to act they way I have. I have included a copy of the Gettysburg Address for those who would wish to review it, please take the time to re-read it.

The very fabric of our being has been threatened and we must not allow it to rule our lives, only by acting can we ensure it doesn’t. I for one will not allow the lost lives of so many go in vain and I implore each who may read this to consider their own course. Vigilance is the price we must pay. Truly, what is that price, does it require so much from us as individuals? I believe it does not, I believe is simple, but not easy. Take whatever precautions you feel prudent, but please do not ignore the threat.

Our country truly is great and the men and women of our country are what make that possible. When we reflect on the courage of our emergency responders during the tragedy it should lift your spirits that they represented America in all its glory. Selfishly giving their all to help those in need, nothing could make me prouder than that gesture. Then there is the might of our military, who seek out the cowardly criminals where they live. Their pursuit is not solely guided by duty, but by justice.

We must go on living our own lives, we must not allow the threat of terror to govern our lives, we must protect our precious future and we must always remember…

Freedom is anything but free.


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