By this time, many folks have heard about our new training program. I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about it and answer a few of the questions.

The nexus for developing this program was really frustration. I was frustrated with the inability to get folks where I wanted at the end of a training class. As I have mentioned before about 70% of my time in classes is dedicated to fixing bad habits students come to class with, which leaves a very small amount of time to actually grow their skills. Many would have the proverbial “light bulb” go off on the last day of class, but fall short of momentum to really allow the material to be absorbed.

I routinely get questions about how I train and what I do to keep my skills up. My replies varied, but they were summed up pretty much with create a plan, and then execute your plan. Take some of the drills from class and just keep practicing. While that sounded good on the surface many still didn’t have a good idea on how to create a training plan. I have spoken about that previously in this BLOG so reference that.

The new TACOST Training Program now allows students to create their own training plans based off various templates. Depending on what they feel they need to work on, such as accuracy, speed, dry fire or baselines they can now create their own regimented training plan. I would much rather someone who has limited access or time to train get the most out of their training session. That every round fired is assigned a point value and to keep track of your progress. With the difficulty of ammunition procurement it is nice to know that if you have 50 rounds to shoot, you can find various drills equaling 50 rounds getting the most value out of them.

It’s modular so you have options and hopefully you don’t always practice what you are good at, but practice what you need to improve. I think it is far more important to be well rounded than to try and specialize. Specializing comes once you have mastered the core skills; at this point you can now take your game to a whole new level. It is random enough so it keeps things fresh and you can even go so far as to be completely surprised. Have someone pick a few cards for you and just step up to the plate and get it done. I love that idea, that way I don’t influence myself towards one direction and it helps to keep me honest.

At a certain point you will have gone through the deck and might ask, “what’s next?” If you were keeping track of scores you next tackle improving your score. There is plenty of room for growth; the program can keep you guessing for a while. Keep track of how you did and the next time you work that drill try to improve your score. Go faster, increase accuracy or fire more rounds in the allotted time. The sky’s the limit.

I hope you will find the program as valuable as we do, but more importantly now you don’t have any excuses.

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