In the famous words of Judas Priest, what can you really do when those who would do you harm willfully ignore the law.

I mean if they are not going to follow the existing laws why would we continue to enact new laws, no matter how common sense they may seem if we know they will blatantly ignore them.

Recently, I had a conversation about gun control. I went into the typical litany of responses citing various sources and dispelling myth upon myth purported by the so called “unbiased” media, but I neglected to address the most important topic. Breaking the law.

Why do we continue to address the issue of evil with more laws. I mean at what point did the existing laws that govern violent criminal acts become obsolete. Did we pass a law that made it ok to commit violent acts such as; assault, rape and murder? Did I somehow miss the memo?

Of course, I’m joking and this really isn’t a joking matter, but why are we worried about laws that we all know are going to have “no” affect at preventing crime? Then, if we know they are not going to prevent crime what is there real purpose? Is it to feel good, to show their constituents they worked hard on “common sense” measures knowing full well they did nothing to thwart violent crime. My gut tells me there is more nefarious motives.

Why don’t we consider the possibility that governing through emotions is a failed process. I know that many who follow my stream of consciousness will have similar view points so I’m not necessarily talking to them, I’m talking to those who question why there is resistance to these feel good attempts at controlling violent behavior.

Stop to consider what really prevents a bad guy from committing a violent act? Is it the threat of going to jail? The realities of how many violent criminals have already “served time” who continue to commit violent acts is something that is not talked about or brought into discussions. Let’s not get wrapped up in “how many”, if you can simply acknowledge the fact it is probably way more than you think then you might start to recognize how the threat of punishment has had little effect on preventing crime and if you can see that then maybe you will see how little effect it will have on the future enactment of new laws.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t consider adding new laws, but ask yourself if it is already illegal to commit these violent acts why aren’t we seeing a decline in the violent acts. Before we go down that road, take a closer look at the existing laws. Study them, learn them, become an informed and intelligent thinker.

I can appreciate the courage it took to ask me those questions and to actually listen to the answers. There was a sincere openness to hear the answers and my hope is we can see more folks take that step forward.

Evil is all around us, it takes many forms, but true evil will always find a way. Governments will never be able to eradicate evil, it will be up to those with the intestinal fortitude to confront evil, to put it down. Simple as that.

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