By now most of us have heard about Smith & Wesson’s decision to cease California sales due to micro stamping requirements. This archaic new law has in essence created gun control by proxy.

Have you ever stopped to think about what the anti-gun groups have being using as a tactic? I would like to think that most of them are about as sharp as a box or rocks, but I absolutely don’t believe that. It would be so easy to look at them in that manner, to reduce them to something subhuman and ignorant, but that is not a logical nor effective tactic. Make no mistake, they are incredibly smart and crafty. What they are doing is using our own court system against the very people the courts are suppose to defend.

This draconian law and similar laws in other well known anti-gun states are so bold, but that was their design. Even if they are challenged, there is the chance that some or most will survive and continue into law. They know exactly what they are doing, creating an environment that the law abiding, tax paying and average citizen get so feed up they through up their hands and give up. Giving up might seem an extreme comment, but in some cases that’s what is happening. Many folks have given up and chosen to relocate to another state. I don’t blame them one bit and in fact would probably do the same thing if I were in their shoes. The bad side to that decision is that is exactly what the anti-gun groups wanted.

You see it’s a two war front they are fighting. By creating these ineffective laws and labeling them common sense they create the atmosphere of the good guy, all the while whittling away at your God given rights. By being the first one to go home and cry to momma they tend to get all the attention and the chore becomes proving your innocence. By initiating all these ill fated laws they know that momentum is on their side, they have the high ground in a sense. Then those who are feed up decide to pack up and leave. Consequently the only folks who would oppose the anti-gun groups no longer are a threat because they are no longer there to oppose them. How ingenious is that, I mean from a tactical point of view you have to admire that tactic.

So, what can we do about it. You will need to choose, what do you believe in. Do you believe that our founding fathers had wisdom even our greatest intellects of today have a hard time grasping. I believe the advantage our founding fathers had was they saw the enemy first hand, they lived through the oppression and tyranny. Living through it gave them the wisdom to create a document that would transcend time and do the one thing they intended it to do, protect the free will of men of women for generations to come.

If you decide it is worth the effort, then you will need to do something. Even if it just sharing this blog with other like minded folks, do something. I would prefer you contact the legal teams that are taking the fight back to the courts. We have seen several victories in the recent months, that momentum is a force. If we can keep that force moving we might just be surprised by our results. Whatever you do, you will need to decide, there is no middle ground. Failure to act, is still a choice.

3 thoughts on “Gun control by proxy

  1. Rcraigjohn says:

    Which is why I joined the NRA. I don’t agree with everything they say, but they are the best organization for asserting and defending our rights to own and use a firearm.

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