It has been very difficult to sit back and watch the circus unfold in Ferguson, Missouri. It really is terrible to see the decay of our social fabric, but more importantly the long term negative results many are not thinking about.

Shake my head

Let’s face it, there are a good number of police officers who have honorably stood the watch who’s take on the current events are; why bother to an affect. A few have gone so far as to discourage would-be applicants from applying. What was once considered a noble public service has been turned into a spectacle by the very people they were sworn to protect.

The pseudo righteous

I don’t blame them one bit, when there are thousands of armchair quarterbacks who will second guess their every move, will question whether they followed “policy” and go so far as to criticize their own right to defend themselves while at the same time screaming for their protection. It is a terrible conundrum and again, I don’t blame them. My hope is the law enforcement community recognize the actions of a few do not represent the beliefs of the masses.

Frontier days for real

I truly don’t think the majority of our population who I affectionally refer to as grass eaters want the police to “go away” and be left to protect their own person and property. Yet, they are also the first ones to call for more policy, more oversight, more political correctness. Is there a gap between the people and the public servants, I think it would be naive to think one does not exist and rather the real question is how much is that gap spreading with the events unfolding in Missouri and elsewhere in our country. My hope is everyone can take a deep breathe and recognize their job is a very difficult job. If you are quick to judge their actions then you better have stood the watch yourself or be willing to put your money where you mouth is and join the ranks to learn first hand both the rewards as well as the challenges.

Don’t be fooled

If we as a country cannot step up and condemn the race baiters, the political correct crowd or the arm chair quarterbacks we very well could see a future where law enforcement begins to disappear. I think we all need to recognize what happens anytime there is a racially charged event that occurs. Don’t take my word for it, research it yourself. Look at the last few racially charged events that made national headlines involving law enforcement and their actions or inactions. Take a close look at who are the first ones to jump the gun, to start the mob foaming, then sit back and watch as we destroy our social fabric, further dividing our country.

When I see our president publicly comment on these events, yet avoided the funeral of a 30 plus year military officer killed in combat I am ashamed. The most senior official to be killed since the Vietnam War and he makes no public comment on his service, but can somehow find the time to comment on the events in Missouri. Yah, I don’t blame the men and women in blue for being upset, for taking precautions to protect themselves. What these “fine folks” in Missouri who somehow feel robbing, looting and otherwise behaving in what can only be declared counter productive to their cause are overlooking is when they need help they call the police. What is going to happen when there is no longer police to call?


One thought on “Unintended Consequences

  1. flashback says:

    For them to “fundamentally transform America” they must first destroy America….
    Is it already too late???
    The political path the country has been on for the last 100 years or so has been one pretty much controlled by the “progressives” in both “parties”…by progressive I mean those that think the Federal Government should be in control of every aspect of our lives, from conception to grave…the framers of the Constitution gave us safe guards to halt this encroachment but we grew lazy in our duties as the overseers of those we sent to represent us…now we are paying the price.

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