Now all of a sudden folks are recognizing the danger of our open border policy and how we have no control over who is illegally entering our country. No shit Sherlock!

True colors

This is the kind of stuff that really pisses me off. An American is brutally murdered, the act recorded for the whole world to watch and NOW we acknowledge the dangers along our border. Yes, we have an illegal immigration problem, failure to accept this truth means you have either lived under a rock until recently or you are an oxygen thief. Either case, please tell me you do not have a voter registration card because these are the type of people who are truly threatening our security and way of life.

Borders, we don’t have no stinking borders

I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize the ease of illegal entry or any entry into our country across our borders. Nobody wanted to address the issue that if third-world children can slip through our “defense” how easy would it be for hardend terrorist to clandestinely slip into our country. The answer is not hard at all! Then once a few have made it through, how easy is it to communicate their success to their fellow terrorist? It’s probably about as easy as sending an encrypted email message. I am imagining that even the most austere conditions these terrorist come from, they probably have email. So, if you are worried terrorist cells are going to infiltrate our borders, establish residency, blend in to our society for years a’la Charles Bronson style, don’t be. It would take no time to cross the border and disappear into our melting pot of a nation.

Fateful acknowledgement

Now, I’m not trying to incite panic, it just pisses me off the government to a certain extent acknowledges the situation as an “immediate threat” to our safety. People need to wake up and realize how bad things are and how they are not going to get better anytime soon. I sincerely hope the average American doesn’t need the government to comment, “yah, who would have thought not doing anything about the borders could have a negative outcome, that’s our bad.” You can keep your head buried in the sand, but be careful or you may end up losing it.

Focus on the solution, not the problem

What can the average citizen do at this point. Forget about complaining and making a stink about this “new development”, that time has passed for the moment. We can point the fingers as much as we want, it’s still not going to fix the immediate problem. The only thing that is going to have immediate results is taking active measures to protect yourself and your family. Make no mistake, I can’t believe we are talking about this, but we are and we all better take it seriously. Our government has shown great ineptitude at making the right choices, they cower behind ideas such as political correctness, racial profiling and non-US interests.

Is there cause to really be concerned? Honestly, I don’t know, I don’t think anyone knows. What I do know is that:

Audentes fortuna juvat

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