So, I read this article about how the United Nations watchdog committee slams the US for the use of excessive force by law enforcement officials. Not only do I not give one rat’s ass, but an opinion by the UN would probably rate an entire boatload of rat’s asses.

Stay in your lane

How dare they! My opinion of their existence is echoed by many of my teammates; which is partly between the player picked last for dodgeball at best to inept an ineffective at worse. Let’s examine this more closely, by starting out with a very simple premise. If you haven’t donned the uniform and stood the watch you can take your committee and opinion and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. How are you possibly able to form an informed opinion, who are these so called experts? This is just another example of grand standing and self justification for their existence. The last organization I want to take advice from is the United Nations, particularly when it comes to our own interest.

Agenda driven or really caring

I can only speculate this “committee” was paying attention to the recent incidents in Ferguson and releases their findings in an effort to bring more attention to an already volatile situation. Why did things spiral out of control in Ferguson? I may not know exactly, but I know the race batters and media crying fowl before the facts were released only contributed to confusion and mixed emotions. Did that help the family to heal, did that help the community heal? Absolutely not, it only fueled the fire. Then, you have citizens of Ferguson willfully and intentionally destroying public property, making death threats against law enforcement officers. Where is the UN “committee” to highlight the criminal behavior running rampant there? Why are they not formulating an opinion on how the continued illegal actions and the volatility as a result.

Worry about yourselves

I have no interest in a global vision or global view. I doubt I ever will and more importantly if the UN was so committed to helping the oppressed then focus your “committees” on all the atrocities taking place around the globe. I doubt seriously the perceived racial tension can compare to real atrocities currently happening, like beheadings, mass murders, ethnic cleansing, you know the serious stuff. When I see them in the news making a comments similar to the report I read it further illustrates their ineptitude and galvanizes why they are not taken more seriously.

What’s your profession

So, let’s address racial bias while we are it. In an effort to cleanse racial discrimination through their International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (I cut and pasted that because there was no way in hell I was going to type it) I wonder if the UN can address some statistical facts for us. An obvious concern I have is who is perpetuating the majority of crime? Is there a certain ethnic group, race, religion or gender that commits crime they have studied? Also, how do they define the term excessive force? Is it based a US legal definition or did they just make it up? Then is there a heighten increase of these supposed excessive force incidents across the board or just within a certain identified group. I think we all deserve to learn what they based their comments from and examine them for validity. We need a “watchdog” group to watch the supposed watchdogs and keep them in line.

I think we all have grounds to be upset at the UN for multiple reasons, but this case is just another reason that makes taking them seriously unlikely.

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