This might be old news, but there was some interesting renewal recently in this issue and I felt it necessary to pipe in on the discussion. Before folks start foaming at the mouth, we are not in danger of losing any constitutional rights and I will explain why.

A civilized society

The moment you mention gun control some people hit the ceilings and rightfully so, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that for bad people to do things to good people, good people need to be stripped of their means to defend themselves. Another way to look at it is you can either persuade me or force me to your views. In a civilized society we use persuasion to get our point across. It doesn’t always work and when it doesn’t you are then your only option is to resort to force. What does force imply? Here it could really mean a lot, but it really doesn’t matter because the means to resist this force usually comes in the form of a firearm. A firearm is the great equalizer among mankind. It allows one to defend against many, the weak to defend against the strong and in some cases the good to repel force of evil.

Showing your true colors

Last year the UN passed legislation that some interpreted as a direct threat to our Right to Bear Arms. The situation was brought to a head when it was put to a vote in the US Senate earlier this year. By a vote of 53 who opposed and 46 who favored we narrowly missed this being tested by US Supreme Court. First off, those who voted in favored were all of the Democratic persuasion. That should bother everyone, let’s just suspend reality for a moment and talk about the worse case scenario. That this UN Resolution would have stripped us of our constitutional rights. We would at least have a list of those who surrendered our rights, but the big thing for me is these folks ALL voted in favor of controversial works.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

I don’t believe we should have anything to do with the United Nations. I have said it before they are an inept organization who really would do better studying history. The intention of this resolution was to limit arms trading, but I see it more clearly in that it was designed to initiate a global ban on weapons. That only the “government” should retain the weapons. That is

so absurd I am befuddled by how they can come up with this notion and still have a conscious. They of all organizations should know better, they should know that most dictatorships and tyrants originate from within the government so the only way the “people” can protect themselves is by arming themselves. It is the greats check to the so called government balance.

Never forget

So, as the mid-terms come up, we should all remember the 46 senators who voted in favor of this resolution. If you are not aware of who voted in favor then that is the first problem. You need to be an informed voter, you need to research the matters that are important to you. The best predictor of future behavior is past actions. It is all out there, but I’m not going to give it to you, you need to do the work and feel free to post whether your own Senator voted in favor or hopefully opposed.

One last point to bring up, there is a little known US Supreme Court case, Reid v. Covert. In this case, the court ruled the US constitution supersedes any international treaties ratified by the US Senate. Nice to know about this ace up our sleeve.

5 thoughts on “Another Cup of Shut the Hell Up

  1. flashback says:

    The whole Gov’t / Bureaucracy / Judicial systems continued path down the progressive path has me very concerned about the Country’s future…they have taken over the education system which has been a boon for their ideology but a terrible blow to our representative republic. We are but one vote away from some serious “transformation of America” in the Supreme Court.

  2. rortiz3203 says:

    I totally agree that we should never allow our elected representatives to casually vote away our Constitutionally protected rights. Our Congress should not be bowing down to the interest of any international organization. Members of Congress were elected to represent their constituents, not NATO. There is an established process in place for overturning or adding an Amendment to the United States Constitution. The importance of exercising one’s right to vote cannot be overstated.

  3. flashback says:

    I whole heartedly agree that people should be checking out the candidates, especially in the primaries, but unfortunately we not only are up against uninformed voters. We also are up against voters who pull the party ticket regardless of the facts because that’s the way they are told to vote, that’s the way their folks voted, they believe the 30 second sound bites, some just want their entitlements to keep increasing or their tax breaks to be an ongoing way of life. Our grand parents and great grand parents and on back would be mortified at what we have allowed our country to become….history repeats itself over and over because we (as humans) are short on memory and long on arrogance.
    I do have faith that we have enough people who are paying attention and that we will not be the ones who are blamed in the history books for not doing enough to make sure that freedom and liberty are lost for generations.

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