I’m sure we could all come up with cute excuses why we may not have turned in our homework when we were kids. How would you like it if your government did the same thing?

Never mind the how, just do it

Let’s put this in perspective, our government in charge of safeguarding secrets, has a pattern of “losing” things rather conveniently. The most recent case happens to deal with finger prints for residents in the District of Columbia who are required to register their firearms every three years. Now, at first glance this may seem inconvenient to the citizenry, but the way I see it is much different. Yes, of course we could cite how having to be “re-printed” isn’t really a big deal. I will get to that point shortly. My problem is how does a government organization lose a database of electronic fingerprints?

Don’t settle, demand more

This shows great negligence and before folks are required to go out of their way or be inconvenienced any more and quite frankly this is more of confiscation by obfuscation, the government should conduct an investigation to determine how they were lost. It seems very reasonable that with such an inept government entity they would just turn around and lose them again. The public has a right to know and should demand to know how they were lost, should they be worried that a very personal part of their identification is missing and most important how they will prevent it from happening again. I find it very disturbing this is not bothering more people and a big reason for that I’m sure is the lack of coverage on this issue.

Again, why???

Now, I know the reason they are saying they were lost was due to them not being printed out and they are at least being gracious enough not to charge the applicants the registration fee again, but it does bring up a major concern about why over a two year period their own policy wasn’t being followed. So, they admit to the fact they were not printed out, but they don’t have an answer as to why they were not printed out, which I believe is vey relative to the situation.

What’s good for the goose

However, is all this really necessary? I mean do we really need to get so worked up about these pesky little laws surrounding your constitutional rights. I mean, you don’t need any type of identification any more to prove you are a US citizen that enables you to vote on US political interests. A law was struck down in Wisconsin that forbids the State of Wisconsin from requiring specific voter ID card to vote. So, if they don’t need to show proper identification, why would it be required for those wishing to exercise their constitutional rights such as the Second Amendment be required to go through, what I believe is borderline harassment.

Fix it, don’t ignore it

It has been shown countless times that registration, confiscation or any other means of gun control has little affect on reducing crime. What effect it might have surely does not justify surrendering your constitutional rights in the process. One could argue with so much information pointing to the futility of gun control and the failed affects across the globe you would consider it to be a waste of tax payer’s time and money. There are far more effective means of reducing crime and they have nothing to do with restricting law abiding citizen’s rights.

If you really want to fight crime, direct your efforts towards the criminals and not the citizens. Also, if you want to see reform in the voter booth, demand our government implement “reasonable and common sense” laws that require a potential voter to prove their citizenry to take part in our governmental process.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father

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