By now we all have heard of the terrorist act in Ottawa, if you haven’t please find the closest body of water and submerge yourself repeatedly. There were many heroic acts yesterday, but I was profoundly moved by the actions of Canada’s governing body in the aftermath.

Untied we stand

It seems pretty obvious this terrorist attack was an attempt to intimidate our Canadian neighbors. While I sincerely hope it is the last, prudence demands we prepare. My hope is more people around the world come to recognize the real threat to not just our American way of life, but Western Civilization as a whole. We are all in this together and we better damn well be prepared to fight together to win this war. If we learn anything from this lesson, it would be no amount of security is as effective as lion determined to defend his pride. In this case, that lion came in the form of the Sgt-at-Arms for the Canadian Parliament, Kevin Vickers. While accounts are still spotty, it appears he neutralized the terrorist threat the good old fashion way.

True inspiration

There is a certain type of warrior that walk amongst us, they are those who require no recognition, no praise, but instead just want to go about their lives. The Sgt-at-Arms strikes me as that type of individual and no truer than watching him back at his job the very next morning business as usual. I was truly inspired to watch this video and the treatment he received, a hero. It was also inspiring to hear the members of Parliament singing their national anthem. I’m not sure if that is something they do on a regular basis or just for this occasion, but very inspiring to watch.

The truth

These acts are the very acts that we must make common in the face of our enemy. They need to know that death lurks around every corner, every doorway and every room. That the helpless and defenseless will be guarded by true pipe hitters that will without reservation send them to hell. This message is the only message they will understand, their is no negotiations, there is no compromise, there is simply good vs. evil. Yah, yah…I’m sick of the liberal rhetoric about how they are not our enemies, that it is a religion of peace. The next person I hear say that will immediately be piled into a category of enemy sympathizer; its just that simple.

Noah had the right idea

I use to think these sympathizers could be reasoned with, could be persuaded. Now I don’t give two rat’s asses what they think. My only regard is for those who recognize the danger. The way I see it, Noah’s Ark could only fit so many…you either figure this shit out or figure out how to swim because we as a collective are not going to make room for you after a while. Folks we are approaching our mid-term elections and I truly hope you have studied up on your local elections. You took the time to review their stances on what you consider to be important. Please, do not go into that voting booth and choose a letter, go into that voting booth and make informed decisions.

While I’m on the subject of voting booths, be certain your vote and only your vote was cast. If something smells fishy, then make a big old stink about it.

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. Alexander the Great

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