The other day I recorded an interview with my friends at Ballistic Radio. During the interview the host John Johnston asked me about an article I penned discussing the recent Paris terrorist attacks.

Criminal empowerment zone

It really got me thinking about “gun free” zones as it relates to the bigger picture, way bigger picture. Like the size of a country bigger. I made an observation about the philosophical difference between the two countries as it relates to firearms, being armed and the natural deterrent of an armed society. If we were to zoom in at the micro level, we might observe how “gun free” zones are recognized as criminal empowerment zones more than safe locations. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to draw the parallel between a would be criminal or now a days terrorist choosing a “soft target” versus a hard target. Many of these criminal and terrorist actors are cowards. They know exactly what they are doing, they know they have a much better chance of success if they choice their target wisely.

Crash test dummies

Why don’t we consider the situation from a different perspective, one that should be pretty familar. You are looking to buy a new car, how many of us actually take time to review the safety ratings. I’ll bet a good majority of potential buyers are more interested in fuel efficiency than in safety ratings. That is so ass-backwards it is not even funny considering the possibility of being in a roadway accident or worse fatality. Safety features have come a long way in the automotive industry, but do you understand them? Not all are created equal and some cars are just safer than others. Granted the uber-expensive makes and models might be safer, but the point is do you even take the time to learn about the safety features. Are you more inclined to select a vehicle based off safety or fuel efficiency? Since the juices are flowing you have to choose between two vehicles that are pretty similar, one has safety features and one does not. Which do you choose?

The all mighty dollar

I’m sure most of you choose the one “with” the safety features, at least I’m hoping so. If you did, now let me really fry your noodle and ask you what is the difference between visiting an establishment that is “gun free” versus one that supports your Second Amendment and right to life. That is my attempt to tackle the problem through capitalism. If you have a choice between two different establishments then consider supporting the one that supports your right to life.

Keepers of the peace

The beautiful thing about an armed society, particularly one that is concealed is the bad guys don’t know who the good guys are amongst the crowd. They have to run the risk of potentially encountering someone who will fight back. If you look at many of the mass casualty events there are quite a bit of them that were stopped in their tracks the moment the bad guy encountered an armed, committed response from a good guy. At their core the bad guys are cowards and when their life is in jeopardy their mindset can and often time changes.

Complicit enabler

The real injustice is how we allow our media to portray these events. For anyone to think the main stream media is anything but “anti-gun” would be foolish, but another variable is “newsworthiness”. Does a thwarted attack have as much viewer potential as murderous attack? Why doesn’t the media report on those events more often, whatever the reason they are allowed to get away from it and I would love to see more people commenting to their local news how they want to see those events on the news. I believe the shift in attitude would be huge, the more stories about thwarted incidents potentially would have a preventative effect. At a certain point, the bad guys are going to start to realize crime doesn’t pay, or at least as much as it once did.

There is always freedom of choice, where you choose to spend your hard earned money. Consider “gun free” locations and mentalities to be part of the problem, you and your money are the solution.

"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing." Theodore Roosevelt, American President and Soldier

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