I want you to close your eyes and try to imagine a leader who is respected, who cares for his people above all else. Yah, I know when you open your eyes you are probably not seeing the current occupant of our White House.

This is my surprised face

Why are you surprised then, how could you expect someone with no practical leadership skills, no real experience and who is more worried about offending other people to be a good leaders. Part of the problem as I see it is there were obviously a lot of people who voted for this person. How they came to their decision to cast their vote is interesting, but I imagine there are a lot of them who are second guessing their decision. Realizing what a mistake it was and I say good for them. Then there are those who refuse to acknowledge their mistake, they would rather see our country spin out of control and save face than admit they made a mistake. That right there is part of the reason we are in this situation. Folks who don’t want to take responsibility for their actions.

True leadership

Then there are those leaders who truly are leaders, they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Take for instance the King of Jordan, if you are just now paying attention to this leader then you might want to do some research on him and his history. Briefly, he was the commanding officer for the Jordanian Special Forces and an accomplished pilot, yes there are other things that make up a good leaders, but taking into consideration these two pieces of his history and it might help you understand things better in our country. I believe he is fiercely protective of his country and her people. He speaks with conviction regarding her security. I can only imagine the grief he must have felt having to endure one of his citizens, a pilot, have to endure such a gruesome death. He tried his best to secure the freedom of the downed pilot, but in the end the terrorist, please do not be mistaken these are not freedom fighters, these are straight up terrorist. When his efforts looked to be in vain he issued a what can only be described as a threat. True to his word and within 48 hours he made good on his threat and executed two prisoners.

Journalistic integrity my ass

Some within the media were quick to point out these prisoners were already on death row so it wasn’t really that symbolic. Really??? The moment I hear a reporter begin to downplay his courageous actions I immediately ignore the rest of the report or segment. The media and that type of reporting are part of the reason we are in our current situation. They have no concept of courage, conviction or discipline. They really don’t know what it takes to be a leader, nor recognize a true leader. It took courage to take a stand, to put the life of his own countryman as the single most important factor. Geopolitical be damned, what mattered was the safe return of his citizen. When the terrorist murdered the Jordanian pilot in the most gruesome manner we have seen his actions were swift and effective.

He made a very clear statement that if you mess with us, we are going to kill you. It is as simple as that, no flowery language or obfuscation, just straight up in your face “don’t tread on me” language. We can learn a lot from this leaders and I truly hope we see a shift in our way of thinking, that instead of childish governess we witness what we all deserve; true leadership.

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  1. flashback says:

    Our “media” has lost it’s credibility and integrity, the progressives have taken over education, information, and too much of the governing bodies as well…the bureaucracy is one progressive cess-pool….it’s going to take a loooonnngg road traveled to get back.

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