It is not very hard to figure out those who follow laws are not the ones breaking the laws. So, when gun bans and confiscations fail folks wonder why, but are they really failing?

News flash…

Here is a news flash, criminals are criminals because they break the law. Why does anyone expect a criminal to follow a law regarding gun confiscation or bans? Criminals are literally doing back flips down the street because they know without a doubt their criminal enterprise will not be affected. If anything, they will see huge profits. Like any cooperation that benefits from misguided laws and restrictions criminals are no different. The scary part is when we see other countries go through the disastrous periods of gun bans/confiscations only to wake up from the nightmare poorer and worse off regarding personal safety folks still do not want to listen.

From a different perspective

Maybe we have been looking at this from the wrong angle. We want to think gun bans/confiscations do not have an effect on crime. When you start going down this road in a discussion folks almost immediately start foaming at the mouth ready to defend the ludicrousness of gun bans. Standing by with in most cases very well thought out arguments, but maybe the basis for our arguments are off base. If we all stop for a moment and look at the results from any of the gun bans, honestly look at how they affected crime it might help change the opinion of some. I didn’t say you had to like the results, but honestly take a hard look at them.

The cost of freedom

Australia is the current country to have a rude awakening to an increase in crime. Wait, what did I just write; an “increase” in crime. How is that possible? How is it that after spending almost 500 million dollars and confiscating approximately 650,000 weapons from law abiding people crime is actually on the rise? It is pretty mind blowing to see that despite the governments assurances they would create a safer environment the opposite is the reality. It might help to get a little perspective that the gun ban came on the heals of what is considered one of the worse killing sprees. Dubbed the Port Arthur massacre, 35 people were killed and 23 injured. It is not surprising that after such a horrific event “knee jerk” legislation would be introduced. Legislation that is based solely on emotion rather than logic.

Bad politics based off feelings

In fact, prior to the gun ban Australia had been witnessing a steady decrease in crime. The gun ban has had a positive effect, it really has worked. Who has it worked for should be the real question we ask our own political leaders. We should be asking with a steady increase in crime and in some cases ridiculously increases in crime who is the gun ban really working for, who benefits? It would take a bold face lie for any politician to say gun bans do not work. But…now that we know they work for the criminal enterprise we need to shove that down the throats of anyone who wishes to pursue gun bans or confiscations. That if you are interested in these emotional efforts, you are also interested in supporting crime.

It really isn’t that hard to figure it out and if we started painting politicians in the bright light of the truth maybe we might see this silliness go away.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister



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