Earlier we posted up a blog that talked about carrying two guns along with some of the benefits. One of the benefits that a few people commented on was passing it to a “trusted person”. Really???

Life on Earth

In what scenario would that actually be viable? More importantly does it really make sense for the infinitesimal possibility of passing it off actually carrying a second pistol? It’s not like you just got dropped in a video game this very real. If you are going to break someone out of jail, fine that makes sense to me and go for it. However, I think it is a pipe dream to see this happening. It also illustrates a point I see more and more in the industry, which is to justify a position with such a far off possibility just to make someone feel good. If you want to carry a second pistol then go for it, but don’t fool yourself you are doing it just in case you intend to pass it off during a gunfight or critical incident.

Break it down

So, what are those times you will pass a pistol off. If you are the victim of a mugging and your muggers are in your face, chances are you won’t have someone nearby to pass it off and even if you did, why? Sure, I’m sharpshooting, but I almost need to in order for folks to see the truth here. You are not going to hand off anything until you have won that fight, period. Then once you have won the fight, again why? Why would you pass off a firearm.

One possibility

Maybe you have to run after someone who fled the scene, yet you found some good samaritan to hold the one mugger at gunpoint. How did you come to conclusion he or she was a good samaritan? Did you run a background check on them, play a game of 20 questions or maybe they just looked nice. I don’t know, but hopefully you see my point and more importantly you have given this some serious consideration.

Maybe, just maybe

Continuing on our path of logic, what’s another scenario it might be feasible to pass a firearm. How about an active shooter scenario in mall or large public venue. So, you find yourself in this location when shots ring out. You then decide to move to the sounds of gunfire. Seems reasonable, but time is a ticking. Once you realize the danger of your decision you decide it might be a good idea to have a buddy. Now, you need to somehow process the available volunteers in the immediate surrounding who may also feel it is a good idea to move to the sound of gunfire.

Why aren’t they carrying?

I would say it is at this point you need to have a serious conversation and again, how do you determine to trust this person enough to pass a live firearm. I mean really, what decision making process did you come to that would stand the smell test. About the best one I can come up with is do they posses a valid CHL on them at that precise moment? Let’s say the one volunteer you were able to find, mind you time has been ticking, does have a valid CHL. The big question I have is why doesn’t he have a gun then? If he didn’t have a gun, you might want to think about giving him one at that moment, is that really such a good idea.

I know I’ve probably pissed a lot of people off and definitely pee’ed in some cereal bowels, but honestly folks does that sound as good to you know as it did a few minutes ago. I’m not saying not to carry a spare pistol, I’m not saying not to arm a good samaritan, I’m saying think it through.


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