If you are reading this article, you might be able to recognize danger and do something to confront said danger. Or, you could bury your head in the sand and hope for the best.

Lambs to the slaughter

One of my neighbors shared an article entitled “What to do if your home during a break-in”, my curiosity got the best of me and what a mistake I made by reading the article. As I was reading it and the utterly weak suggestions provided it dawned on me the article was written for victims, by victims. As I contemplated this thought it became real to me the danger these types of articles actually cause and not the help as they may believe. I went through each suggestion and a common pattern I recognized was the criminal element upon contact will either run scared or cause you no harm. How many believe this to be truth and if it is not truth are the accompanying suggestions also not truth.

Think of the children

The author recommends making a plan and part of the plan has to do with meeting up in an emergency at another location. They mention children, but really don’t advise how you will manage children once you have them or even what to do if you cannot reach them. You can be assured there was no advise on what to do with children when confronted with violence during the break-in. The preventative measures listed were comical. Someone just broke into your home and I would assume they broke into your home by breaking down your external door. I’m sure the external door was locked as briefed in their preventative plan…oh wait it wasn’t. Installing locks on internal doors was suggested as a “good idea”. Clearly the author has limited knowledge on this subject otherwise they might realize internal doors are hollow core doors and swing inwards. If the burglars busted down your external door the internal doors are not going to offer much difficulty, but go on with your bad self and those door locks.

Reality versus wishful thinking…do you know the difference

The insanity continued as they got to “during the break in” and their first piece of advise was to not make a sound, but the very next piece of advise is to call 911. Seems a bit contradictory, but the premise to the author’s narrative is the burglars don’t know you are home so be quite. I about blew a gasket as the author leads the reader to believe they were able to get everyone into a safe room, then lock that internal door and have the ability to call the police. It is wishful thinking on the one hand and reckless on the other to believe this is possible. I’m not saying not to call the police, but up to this point it is wishful thinking any of these steps would actually create a safe resolution for you and your family. This rose colored view only misleads the homeowner, it gives them a false sense of reality. It literally treats them like an idiot, as if they are incapable of defending themselves and I think to myself it cannot get worse.

The stupid is strong with this one

How wrong I was to think that because the next suggestion is unless you are “trained professional” do not grab a weapon. It appears according to this author unless you are a professional MLB player you cannot swing a bat to defend yourself. This was the crux of the issue for me, it blatantly steered the reader away from the most basic instinct we have, our right to self defense. This article encourages people to be sheep, to be victims and worse it condones violence at the expense of the reader. You do not have to be a trained professional to defend yourself, to employ a weapon. You do have to be a person who does not want to be a willing victim, who does not want their family or loved ones to be victims of violence due to their negligence or incompetence.

We can all be a victim of violence, but this goes to the point of a willing victim, almost cooperative victim. Do you really want to quietly?

3 thoughts on “Victimization of America

  1. flashback says:

    “If you are reading this article, you might be able to recognize danger and do something to confront said danger. Or, you could bury your head in the sand and hope for the best.”

    The “powers-that-be” want us all to be dependent upon them for our “protection”….they perform that task as well as everything else so plan accordingly.

  2. flashback says:

    Another great article Jeff…you always seem to hit the subjects that hit home and express the thoughts that many of us are also thinking but cannot express nearly so well.
    The last half century plus the leadership of this country seem to be “managing it’s decline” more so than not…it’s a damn shame…”American Exceptionalism” needs to make a comeback on a wholesale level.

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