It is with a sad heart we have to learn of our service members death here on our home soil. The level of incompetence and ignorance this administration has shown is cause for grave concern and if you need to be told that, you are part of the problem.

The wicked illusion

Soon after we grieve for our losses many start to wonder what can be done to prevent this needless loss of life. A few states have taken action and taken steps to be more proactive, to protect our service members here on OUR home soil. On the one hand, it seems a step in the right direction, but I caution you to consider this view. The question we all need to be asking is why are we having to fight for our right to bear arms when it is protected by the constitution. Why do we support concealed carry laws? Have you ever stopped to question why these laws exist in the first place, why do they superseded the constitution? Putting aside the debate on open carry versus concealed carry, does it really matter. Does the constitution distinguish between the two or is bearing arms, just that bearing arms.

The small step

I don’t want folks to loose sight of the ball here, the problem is not going to be fixed solely by allowing our armed forces the ability to protect themselves. It is a step, but a very small one. The biggest steps we need to take are the ones we still won’t take; we need to recognize the true nature of why these attacks occur in the first place. There is a large group of people who are at war with us, our acknowledgement or consent is not necessary. Arming our men and women is tantamount to putting a band-aide on an arterial bleeder in this context. The problems run much deeper and while I support the notion of being armed don’t think for a moment it is a victory. It is our rights, plain and simple. To celebrate a “victory” here seems silly unless we are willing to acknowledge the level of oppression we are forced to endure.

Deeper contemplation

If we were serious about protecting our homeland, taking up arms would be a no brainer. Don’t get suckered into the debate of “responsible” and “sensible” measures towards a constitutional right. You either have it or your don’t. You either are truly free to vote however you want or you must abide by limitations put on you. You can vote, but only if you vote my way. You can speak, but only if you don’t offend. You cannot truly exercise your rights if there are constraints no matter how sensible they may seem. Give that some thought, let that soak in for a moment and ask yourself if we really should be celebrating this action to arm our service members.

The yoke of oppression

We should be protesting, peacefully of course, the oppression of our Second Amendment. It should not be left to a few to decide how we choose to exercise that right, we should be allowed to exercise it freely. Despite the fear mongering it is very unlikely we would see apocalyptic response, instead I believe we would see a new world order rise up. One where the good no longer have to live in the shadows, they should be free to practice their inalienable rights without the fear of oppression or bigotry.

The illusion of freedom needs to be cast aside, free men and women do not ask permission to exercise their civil liberties.

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." Thomas Paine, Political Activist and Founding Father

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  1. flashback says:

    Valid points. We, as a people, have given up many of our Freedoms for so-called “security”…apathy on the part of the people and corruption on the part of our “leaders” has been a bad combination.

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