Service is a word too many have forgotten these days, or even worse never knew. To a few it is a core belief, one embedded deep within our souls.

Service forward

For those of us who have served, service forward is something you strive to continue. We all do it in our own ways and I’m privileged to have worked with so many wonderful charities. There are too many to list and one might ask why there are so many and the answer is simple. We need them! The government is woefully ill prepared to handle the load, they cannot carry it on their own. It doesn’t matter why they are ill prepared, what matters is we work together to help those who need it now.

Navy Seal Foundation

I’m sure we are all partial to our own charities, for me they tend to be within my Naval Special Warfare community. The Navy SEAL Foundation is one of the oldest and they have done an amazing job over the decades. I am honored to have worked with them and consider them mission critical to our continued war efforts overseas. The mistake folks make is thinking the service members are the only ones wounded in combat. Blatantly false, it is the families of the service members who suffer as well. There are so many in need of help and NSF works tirelessly to meet their needs. It is a challenge no doubt and the toll it has taken makes fundraising an absolute necessity.

The brotherhood

It is fundraising I mean to talk about and boy do I have a pretty awesome one to tell you. I’m so proud of all my teammates, but even more since Andy is a close friend. I first meet Andy Stumpf as a BUD’s student years ago. When people ask me what I remember from my time as a BUD’s Instructor I tell them I either remember the students who stood out because they were meant to be there or they didn’t and it was my job to show them the door. I do remember Andy, as one who would proudly represent the community. After a successful career he is now retired, but continues to represent and serve. He now earns a living performing some amazing feats and I do mean amazing.

Call to action and world records

One million dollars is the benchmark needed to fund the NSF’s Survivor Benefits Program for 2016 and as we wind down overseas it will be needed in the biggest way. Here is where the plot thickens, Andy is going to attempt to set four world records in ONE jump! It’s never been attempted and if you haven’t seen some of the “wingsuit” jumps you need to strap yourself into a chair and check it out. The goal of the jump is to help raise awareness for the One Million Dollar fundraiser…pause for effect. When I talked to him the other day I couldn’t contain my excitement and would love to be on the dropzone when he lands to congratulate him because if anyone can do it will be him. I hope I have brought more awareness to the Navy SEAL Foundation, encouraged you to contribute to this cause and cheer Andy as he prepares to make history. I think it would be pretty damn cool to have a small piece of that history and the noble cause it represents.

"War is Hell" William Tecumseh Sherman, American Civil War General

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