Do not mistake my good nature for weakness or compliance. You would be wrong on both counts I assure you.

The quiet life

There is a silent majority living quiet lives not because we are weak, we live quiet lives because we seek neither fame nor notoriety. Many want nothing more than to raise their family, be neighborly and contribute to our great nation. I imagine many know what I’m referencing, it meets with a slight nod of acknowledgement and familiarity. However, I’m hear to tell you there is a change fast approaching. It’s time for the silent majority to take action, to coordinate as a collective and make our voices heard.

Be grateful

What would the world hear when our collective voice is heard, it would say clearly and loudly gratitude. I’m grateful for the men and women who make up our law enforcement ranks. These fine Americans willingly place themselves in harms way to protect our way of life at home. Protecting the homeland is a multifaceted objective, our law enforcement is a critical part of it and often times they are taken for granted. Their job is public safety, not just from criminal activity, but terrorist activity as well as ourselves. It’s not an easy job, but it must be done.

Media conspirators

It’s funny how people tend to focus on the few negative incidents, to make them national news. Yet, they don’t bother to report the positive impact we experience daily. It’s irresponsible at best and unprofessional at worst. The media has been a willing conspirator in so doing. The first thing I would remind the public at large is the amazing sacrifices happening daily no one hears about because no one is reporting the activity. There is a huge disparity between the good and the bad, which makes for ugly. Do not for one second believe the media, our country needs to stand up to these negatives images portrayed. We need to support our law enforcement at all levels and it starts with holding the media accountable.

Poor leadership

The real blame sits squarely on this administration’s willful neglect. It sickens me no official government appearance could have been made for the murder of my fellow Texan. I don’t care what the talking heads “say”, their actions speak volumes and to add insult to injury it appears they have time when it fits their narrative. I don’t think I’m saying anything new here, this all started back when a liberal elite professor felt he was above the law and the President felt it was a matter of national interest he get involved. Not only was he out of line, he set a precedence of looking down on our law enforcement. It was only the beginning of the failed leadership I believe will be his legacy.

Thank you

The responsibility for supporting our law enforcement starts and stops with the citizens of this great nation. These men and women are fellow citizens and not only deserve to be treated with respect, but our gratitude as well. It is systemic, when we as a nation no longer respect our laws or our law enforcement. It’s not hard to envision the chaos that would ensue nor is it what any of us want. I shouldn’t have to say this but murder is wrong, murder is a crime. When a law enforcement officer is murdered it is wrong. When the justification for the murderers heinous crime is to support a shady agenda that agenda becomes the negative, the wrong. We do not need to define or label why a human’s life matters. All lives matter, no matter the gender, race, age or profession. It’s wrong to label, it implies that one group matters more than another. Theron lies the true crime.

Take a moment to recognize these fine men and women. Commend them, do not condemn them.

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