The title is a reference to the scene in The Matrix where the main character is awoken to reality. I like to use this reference when someone I know “wakes” up to our reality as it relates to Islamic terrorism.

Politically Incorrect

The world has become so politically correct these days we are afraid to ask questions or speak the truth. We are afraid of being labeled, labels such as racist and Islamophobic. The truth is the answer to many of our problems, we need to seek the truth whenever possible then share what we have learned so others can see the same thing. There is no right or wrong to the truth, however the way we choose to look at it can have a right or wrong viewpoint. Recently I had an intense conversation with a close friend, someone I have known for years. They have not shared my views prior, but it was like a damn had burst.

First person account

I have been lucky to have seen the truth behind many of these terrorist organizations overseas. The oppression, cruelty and fear is real, ask any of us who have been overseas to share their experiences. I can vividly recall being asked to speak at a formal engagement about my experiences in Afghanistan. I was leery at first, but believed it was important the world know our efforts at the time were hugely successful. I didn’t know what to really talk about so I discussed what I saw and in particular the women. From the first to the last deployment I made I saw incremental changes to how women acted. There was fear in the beginning, fear we would abandon them, then as we had more success on the battlefield they slowly moved to more freedoms. These freedoms were concrete and started with their attire. In the beginning it was full on Burkas, then walking alone, then head pieces only, then I can recall seeing a women dressed in western business clothes walking freely in Kabul’s business district. Before our arrival this would have NEVER happened, but it was a testament to our success.

The awakening

Back to our friend, when they “awoke” and realized the clear and present danger Islamic terrorism present to our way of life it was very scary. It’s like being in a coma all your life and when you wake up everything is different. I tried to ask them to pinpoint the singular event that was the genesis to their awakening. They had to think about this since they had spent a huge amount of time researching and discovering the truth. When they got back to me, this article, “Why Islam is More Dangerous than other Religions” stuck out as being a pivotal point. I encourage folks to read the article, this information and thousands of others like it are out there. It has nothing to do with political correctness, political correctness is an insidious ally to the fundamental deconstruction of our way of life and I refuse to be PC. You don’t have to like what you learn, but you must acknowledge it as truth.


After reading the article and discussing it with them I suggested they read a few books that gave amazingly clear view of the dangers we face. The first was a New York Times best seller and entitled The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam. This was a great read and one of the best statements made on the book came from Andrew G. Bostom of the American Thinker,

"Robert Spencer's The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) is a very readable, highly informed critique of living Islamic institutions and historical practices incompatible with modern constructs of human rights, and peaceful international relations. One hopes his trenchant observations will motivate the public to cajole media and policymaking elites into initiating a candid discussion of Islam—a discussion these elites have thus far scrupulously avoided."

Another book I found very interesting and got to listen to her speak was from Bridgett Gabriel entitled Because they Hate, a first person account of growing up in Lebanon and having to witness the atrocities of that time period. Much of which are not known to the public. Her views are brutally honest and difficult to dismiss. I strongly encourage folks to read both these titles and research on your own if you have doubts as to the dangerous position we are in as a country. Our way of life is currently under attack, there is no other way to put it and if we do not take action now it may have dire consequences for generations to come.

We cannot be afraid to seek the truth, to speak the truth and take action to protect our way of life. We are at war, whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

I am politically incorrect, that's true. Political correctness to me is just intellectual terrorism. I find that really scary, and I won't be intimidated into changing my mind. Everyone isn't going to love you all the time. Mel Gibson, Actor

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