We are in an election cycle so everyone is paying attention to what people are saying, but what about what people are not saying. Like the huge waste of time and money from most “common sense” gun control measures.

The knee jerk

You have to realize anytime there is a tragedy involving a “firearm” there is going to be an avalanche of criticism for one, but a call for more control measures. There is no basis for any of these restrictive and potentially unconstitutional measures. The only reason we see them with such frequency is because the gun control crowd believes the more times they  fabricated something the more legitimate it becomes. Talk about a whack job and these people are in charge of governing. It is down right scary and in most cases malicious.

Waste of time and money

Why would the gun control crowd continue to pursue their ever stricter gun control measures if time after time it can be proven to be a waste of time and money. Every large scale gun control effort has ended in one of two ways. The death of a culture as millions of lives lost to user in a new tyrant or millions of taxpayer’s dollars wasted. The first point is one most of the gun control folks will ignore. When they take a common sense approach to gun control they have nothing to base their merits off of other than “good feelings”. Yet, on the other side of the aisle we can point to the millions of lives lost as a result of gun control measures throughout history. It seems common sense is on the side of history in this and many other cases.

The big lie

As for the millions of dollars wasted it should be criminal to see this type of financial abuse. I can vividly recall an argument with a left wing liberal gun control freak who without skipping a beat pointed to Canada and their gun registration (read confiscation) program. They had no idea of the utter failure Canada experience or the cost in the billions of dollars. That’s right, billions. What was estimated to cost 2 million quickly rose to 1 billion by the time the dust settled. What did Canada get for 1 billion dollars…nothing. No discernible decrease in crime what so ever. Here is the main issue with these so called “feel good” measures; they apply to the private citizen only. Criminals will not abide by this or any new law; because they are criminals in the first place.

The realities of gun control

While there was no discernible decrease, what about those instances where we see crime rise. Take any of our major crime cities like Chicago or Baltimore. How is it they continue to see such high crime rates with some the strictest gun control measures in the country. Probably for the same reason Australia saw an increase in crime at a national level. Criminals will not obey the law and they are the only ones with guns. The truth hurts, but it is the truth that must be spoken. I’m happy to see these programs abandoned, Maryland just threw in the towel on their collection of shell casings recently after no proof could be submitted to justify the 5 million dollar price take they were looking to pass to the taxpayers.

Do not let people get away with these lies, half truths or fabrications. Call them on it, demand proof, sources or data to support their point of view. Even the Romans knew the truth.

"A sword never kills anybody; it is a tool in the killer's hand."  Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Roman Stateman

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