I waited several days before commenting on the Islamic terrorist attack in France last week. I was curious what developments we would see or if it would be the same old lip service.

Surprise, surprise, surprise

True to form, I wasn’t disappointed. What I mean was everyone pretty much acted the way I would expect and in particular the media and our administration. It is horrible what happened in France; as an American and a human I am sadden by the loss of life. I use to say senseless loss of life, but it seems it does make sense to a certain group. The point I’m making is nothing different is being done to truly combat the situation and people are scared.

Priorities and national interests

They should be scared; we have an inept government who is woefully ill prepared to handle foreign policy that safe guards our national interests and protects our citizens. With all due respect to the world I don’t give a rat’s ass. I unapologetically care about my family, my country and our way of life. I have no problem lending aide, but not at the sacrifice of our beliefs or safety. It is important we recognize we are a beacon of hope and prosperity, but it also doesn’t mean we need to over burden ourselves to the point our quality of life or our way of life is discarded. I think it is great there are people who want to help people from another country. I think it is great they want to welcome them with open arms. I think you are an asshole when you turned a blind eye to our homeless and homeless veterans in an effort to show some sort of hip or popular opinion.

The perpetual snooze button

It shouldn’t be anyone’s wake up call since this war has been waged against us since the 1980’s. If you are just now entering the game, welcome, but you better warm up fast because we are in the 4th quarter. You better figure out we as American citizens are the original first responders. Our armed culture is the true national defense. It is cute how we see calls for domestic law enforcement to step up their game. In case you didn’t realize it, this type of event would be difficult for any unit or organization to handle. The attacks in France signify a new level of war and one we are not as prepared to deal with as everyone believes. So, if you think playing dead during an Islamic terrorist attack will ensure your survival I’ve got some bad news for you. It is sad French citizens and one American had to die for some people to come out and decry the atrocities. I think it is great people came together to pray for the families. I think you are an asshole if you did, yet are offended when a coach wants to pray with his players before they take the field.

Suck it PC world

It is difficult to comprehend how far we have fallen in the last 7 years. When I speak with my friends many comment how they never thought they would see the day our country’s fabric would begin to unravel. It is not hard to figure out why it has begun to unravel, political correctness and sensitivity training have brainwashed some into believing we should be mindful of these confused souls. They just need to be heard or given a platform to share their grievances and everything would be alright. In the end we can all get along. Well, I think you are an asshole when you cannot even come out and call these acts Islamic terrorism. When even the perpetrators themselves refer to themselves as Islamic terrorist, but the rest of the world cannot seem to in the off chance they offend someone.

We are in our current situation because there are too many cowards. Cowards who are afraid to confront evil and would have us all live in their pathetic version of a world than to proudly be American.

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