Do you support open carry? Be careful how you answer this question, if you have posted pictures of your pocket dump or EDC and you don’t you might be a hypocrite.

Is it really a win?

My home state of Texas will be moving to an open carry status very shortly. Some consider it a big win for our constitutional rights. I have mixed feelings on being “allowed” to exercise one if not any of my constitutional rights. I think the whole “issuing” thing is an infringement on those rights. Before you get all butt-hurt or try to lay some internet wisdom on me ask yourself if any of the other rights need to be regulated. Show me one of them with the legal restrictions or enforcement statues similar to the Second Amendment. If you really did support your constitutional rights you might think differently about any of the concealed carry licensing. No matter how many states you have reciprocity with or how easy to obtain, you still have to ask permission from the government to exercise your inalienable right. Hmm.

The mocking hypocrite

I hear, scratch that read, so many people bad mouthing those who would go out an carry openly. Mocking them for their clearly uneducated and untrained behavior. I get it, I would choose to abstain from carrying openly the majority of the time, but having lived in an open carry state it’s not as bad as most think. It does require a greater sense of situational awareness and it may intimidate the meek minded, but how bad is it really? Of course, it can be really bad, there was a case where someone was robbed of their open carry firearm in a department store so bad things can still happen. The problem I have is some of those who bad mouth open carry are quick to show off their “cool guy” blaster along with everything in their pockets to include the lint.

The old element of surprise defense

Let’s say for a moment displaying your everyday carry load-out on social media is not a big deal. How different from open carrying is it really? The biggest argument I see from those opposed regarding the open carry folks is how they “don’t want to give up the element of surprise.” Really? But, it’s okay for your to post pictures, pictures with all sorts of other pertinent information such as your supporting gear on the internet. Let that soak in for a minute. While the open carry individual may be alerting those they have a firearm in their immediate vicinity you have told the whole world you are carrying and exactly how you are carrying. And that shit is permanent, for perpetuity.

But I’m concealed

What’s the big deal you say, it is concealed. The point is if you are going to argue the open carry crowd is setting a bad example because they are giving up the element of surprise or showing poor mindset you might want to take a moment to look in the mirror and realize you are not too different. Sure, you have the fact you are concealed, but let’s look at that more closely. Have you stopped to look at your social signature, the places you have been, the pictures of you in all different types of  scenarios? Do you really know where those pictures end up or who can see them? It’s a good bet you are drawing more attention to yourself than you might think. More importantly, are you really any different for those open carry folks you loathe. Not really.

Pocket dumps are the “dick” pictures of the tactical world, but more importantly they are a bit hypocritical if you condemn the open carry folks.

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