Have you ever had to confront straight up lies, or worse deception with the intention to mislead? Chances are if you believe in our constitution you have at some point or another as it relates to the Second Amendment.

The good with the bad

The current lie comes in the form of an email message I’m sure was prompted by a recent article decrying the CDC for lacking courage. Somehow or another I was added to an “Emergency Email” distribution list; which has proven valuable when it comes to local weather reports. However, what I have noticed is any content related to current events is greatly biased towards the liberal agenda and our current administrations narrative. The email message I received had the title “Death Due to Guns, Cars Occur at the Same Rate in US”. Yes, I had to follow the link to read the details of this notice and as I expected it was blatantly false.

The systematic dismantling of America

It is apparent this country is being lead down a dark path, a path where individual freedoms and liberties are being attacked on a daily basis. It use to be the silent majority could sit back and even chuckle at these attempts as if swatting an annoying fly. We as the silent majority can no longer afford to do nothing.  No, we must get damn serious at how we are going to swat those flies, kill them dead and try to prevent them from bothering us again. The best way to do so is by forcing the owner of the lies to come forward with their data, to cite their sources and force them to support their claims with the truth. It takes a little effort, but if the silent majority were to band together in this effort it would be difficult to ignore.

The truth!

It is incredibly important the news be reported truthfully, not biased or in a deceitful manner. Even half-truths are dangerous, when the language is used in a manner to confuse or obfuscate. I noticed in this email they stated “assault rifles” and how easy it was to obtain them. Clearly, they have never attempted to apply for a tax stamp to legally obtain an “assault rifle”. Partly because they don’t even know what an assault rifle is nor the difference between it and semi-automatic rifles. The problem we face is when we allow liberal and media language to go unchecked with time it becomes permanent. A precedence is set even if it is blatantly false. I have spoken with friends in the political field in an effort to encourage current political nominees to consider this. The American people want the truth, not politically correctness or gentle language.

Insufficient evidence

While the article states the CDC was the originator of the information, I was unable to find any of the information cited in the article available on their website. Do I believe this report exists? I’m sure a report exists, but in my experience the numbers are a bit misleading, hence the deceitful manner of the reporting. At no time is the reader made aware the majority of these related deaths are not criminal related. What I mean by that is either criminal vs. criminal or criminal vs. victim. My point to bringing this up has to do with their intention of creating more gun control measures. These biased claims fail to reveal the truth, however what I did find ironic as I sifted through several CDC pages and documents was a report stating how their was insufficient evidence to determine the effectiveness of gun control laws preventing violence. Funny how this nugget of knowledge is left out of the article I recently read.

It is easy to twist numbers to suit your agenda if your opponent is not willing to challenge your claims. It is a whole other ballgame when you call them out and force them to put up or shut up.

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist

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