That was a comment I made on an unrelated subject, but it made for a great title. How many people are tired of the apathy and denial we see regarding terrorist attacks?

Stop the insanity

I consider it an important function to answer questions I get from folks surrounding terrorist acts. After a recent conversation I finally reached a breaking point when they commented “my heart and prayers go out to them.” No, you don’t get to say that anymore, you don’t get to diminish the atrocity by changing your Facebook profile to show “solidarity”. I don’t know about the rest of you, but it is all bullshit.


I’m not doubting their sincerity and I am certainly not demising the horrible evil taking place, but at a certain point this seems more an effort to absolve guilt than anything. Seriously, most folks can’t even point to Belgium on a map or even understand it’s significance in the European theater and if someone uses the term “kill switch” one more time so help me God. Granted there is still a lot we don’t know and as this events shifts into the criminal investigation side hopefully more information will surface. I feel as though people are tired of looking for answers to fit their own belief and quickly change the subject or get butt hurt when you ask them penetrating questions such as “do you have any idea what their end game is and how it affects you?” I don’t even bother with the low level questions, I go right for the jugular.

In my time

Often they have no idea, having no true understanding of the global caliphate much less what it means to our children and their future. My good friend and fellow teammate Andy Stumpf said it best by dividing the population into watchmakers and those who glance at the time. In addition, I believe there are many who truly want to know how the watch works, to understand all the nuances, details and intricacies. Part of the problem though is even if you do want to understand how the watch works, you probably won’t truly until you actually sit down to assemble one. To put in the painstaking effort of assembling something so complex.

Start looking towards the horizon

I truly believe these people want to understand and when they realize how complex the process is they often times are overwhelmed. Keep in mind we did not get to this point overnight, this has been brewing for decades. You have had your head buried or better, you have been preoccupied with your own world. The space immediately around you, it comes as shock to see the world for how it really is right now. Some are concerned with tactics, how to deal with an event such as the one in Brussels, these are important discussions for sure, but the more important discussion is the recognition, the acknowledgment.

Speak the truth

If you cannot stand there with a straight face and openly acknowledge the culprit behind these crimes against humanity as Islam then you will be part of the group who is content with only telling time. If on the other hand, you can recognize not simply the hatred, but the final end state. An end state where at the core is an ideology that cannot coexist with anyone outside of their own beliefs then you may one day develop the skill to be a watchmaker. There is a lot at stake, more than many can truly understand and that is fine. What is not fine is when their ignorance or worse arrogance interferes with the safety and security of our nation, our children’s future.

Divided we will fall for sure, but ignorance will truly be the death of us. United in belief and then guided by resolve is our best strategy.

"The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his own weight." Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States

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