How can some people be so blase about employing lethal force. Have we stopped to consider the level of stupid some will make regarding going to guns.

Let the butt hurt flow…

Last week I pinned an article regarding confronting a suicide bomber of the Islamic terrorist nature. It very clearly brought to the surface some uncomfortable feelings, mainly most are not equipped to confront this scenario, much less survive if they confront the bomber. There is a fundamental ignorance at the dangers this scenario presents and if you feel you are in the presence of a suicide bomber you should run. Why shift my tune from the last blog? Well, it’s a realization we have for lack of a better term dumbasses out there who have no appreciation for the danger or the consequences should they fail. Make no mistake, if you fail to neutralize the threat you’ve probably signed your death wish, but more importantly those innocent parties within the blast radius. Let that soak in…

Failure equals mass casualties

If you were one of the dumbasses who who offered their advice or commented on their battle plan stop to think about your actions. Did you once consider if you fail you’ve called the bluff of the bomber who would most assuredly detonate the bomb to prevent any other attempts at neutralizing his ability. They will most likely want to take out those in the immediate vicinity even if it was less than what the plan called for as far as body count. These comments may seem harmless, but it speaks to a dangerous level of arrogance.

Confront the realities

Don’t mistake my commentary for giving up in these situations, instead remind yourself what is at stake. It’s not just your life, but the lives of all those within the blast radius at stake. I’ve had the privilege of training at some of the best facilities in the world and walking amongst some of the best trigger pullers to walk the earth. No doubt there are folks who can pull off that shot, no doubt many haven’t trained for this contingency. I just don’t see the average student having those skills.

The hostage crisis scenario

Think about it from this point of view. You walk into your home and you come across a hostage scenario. One of your loved ones is being held at gunpoint. This person is smart and only presenting a small target as he shields himself behind your loved one. Now, you’ve got to draw and place a series of surgical shots to immediately incapacitate the hostage taker. Should you miss, he may very well kill the hostage, the rest of your family may be spared as you violently finish what you started. Both players, hostage and hostage taker, lose their lives, but you and the rest of your family survive.


Now, imagine instead of a hostage, it’s a bomb. If you fail, the body count, the carnage will be your responsibility. There is little comfort to be gained knowing you probably died in the explosion as well. When I see these stupid comments it makes me question whether the person is responsible enough to be entrusted with a firearm and I hate that! I hate that more than you could possible know because my belief centers around an inalienable right to your constitutional rights. So, if you were one of the dumbasses who made a dumbass comment I seriously hope you reconsider…for everyone’s benefit.

We need to be doing it better. We need to be setting the example, not being the example.

Image courtesy  of The Daily Mail, UK

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