Earlier this week I saw a video and as I’m watching it my head began to spin, not the good spin, but the demonic vomiting bed suspending spinning. Can we please keep the stupid to a dull roar for like oh, I don’t know how about forever.

One up man-ship?

The video starts out with a mannequin with live person standing next to it and right away I say to myself…”self…this is not going to end well.” The person shooting steps back, on the tone draws and fires one shot into the mannequin signaling threat neutralization. I get it, you are either pushing the limits of your training threshold to more closely mimic reality or you are showing off and trying to raise the bar. Why are both of these bad ideas and why should it matter to you? The reasons are pretty damn obvious except to the individuals involved.

Dwindling justification

From the perspective of training for reality, yes we have to add a degree of realism into our training for it to be valid. Without validity of training you end up with the idea you did a lot of training, but the training wasn’t relative to your situation, the current trends or recent enough. Is it possible someone will have to take a hostage shot in the classical hostage embrace? Yes, it is possible, but not probable. Let’s put it in perspective, how often will someone have to draw their gun, then how often will they have to draw their gun and shoot someone then draw their gun and shoot someone holding a hostage. Can you see the percentages dwindling to almost nil. There are several military and tactical units who have as a mission requirement hostage rescue. Who must train under the most stressful of circumstances in both asymmetrical and chaotic conditions. To achieve this level of professionalism is not something you can expect to happen overnight.

Don’t jump on the bandwagon

We can probably dispel the need based off a perceived mission requirement so that leaves trying to raise the bar in training. Does this increase the stress factor for the shooter, of course it does. If he were to fail and injure or kill the volunteer hostage they would be facing criminal charges. Can this really be considered manslaughter if it results in the hostage’s death? There certainly was planning and preparation into the event so while I did sleep in a Holiday Inn I have no idea how this would be prosecuted, but I’m betting it would suck either way. Raising the bar to me implies there is a systemic need to bring everyone to a new level. I don’t mind raising the bar, but my observations of the industry is one where we are still trying to get people to hit a 4″ target on command from concealed at the 10 yard line. I’m pretty sure the vast majority would have difficulties performing this cold at speeds needed for realistic performance.

Don’t make it easier

The perspective the world has on the gun industry is dicey to begin with so why would we recklessly add to the flames ourselves. Like it or not, if you carry a gun for whatever reason you represent the industry. You are an ambassador. Did they stop to think the impact this would have right now? How many anti-gun politicians are foaming at the mouth who have seen the video? What about the range itself, while not involved in any capacity the event did occur on their property. Ranges are a dying breed and bringing unwanted attention even without culpability is bad for business. Clearly, none of this was on the forefront of the minds of all those involved and we will have to wait and see what kind of ramifications come down the pipe.

Think long term strategy

We are already at war to protect our constitutional rights, don’t make it easier for them to strip them away. Look at California and all the new regulations recently passed, they were passed knowing full well they will impact only the law abiding citizens and not the criminal element. It is ridiculous to think the criminal element is even aware of these new laws, much less voluntarily follow them. I hate to say it, but we are at a major crossroads right now and we need to be fighting this war to safeguard our rights with a better approach. As we draw nearer to the next presidential elections pay attention. My guess is we will see more sweeping anti-gun regulations and laws passed in anticipation of the next political party to take the helm.

If you are going to do something stupid, don’t film it first of all and more importantly don’t share it for the world to see. Consider your actions or inactions, don’t be a party to the demise of your own rights.

1 thoughts on “When Stupid Knows No Bounds

  1. Bo says:

    Wow, crap like that makes everybody look bad. People like that are their own worst enemy. This upcoming election is gonna be pivotal enough as it is for gun rights. Anti- gunners think we’re all like that anyway without feeding the fire.

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