The more bad things we see happen to our citizens, the more people seem to get stupid. I’m pissed and have no problem placing blame for these atrocities, but that is not who I’m pissed at; I’m pissed at the stupid people who do not get it.

The fittest on earth

Recently Dave Castro, Director of Training for the Crossfit Games and former U.S. Navy SEAL announced the winners of this year’s games would receive a Glock pistol courtesy of Glock, Inc. Let’s put this in perspective, it’s an inanimate object and a pretty cool prize. The fact is this $500 prize will pale in comparison to the actual pot of money each athlete will receive for being crowned the Fittest on Earth. His announcement caused all sorts of drama, I am not calling it controversy, just drama from a group of people who are part of the problem we currently face. Their biggest complaint is the timing and lack of sensitivity regarding current events.

Due process double standard

With facts still waiting to be released on the shootings that initiated a string of violent mob events culminating with murder of five Texas police officers I fail to see the problem. Dave is a Teammate and Crossfit has deep roots in the military and law enforcement professions. How is this being insensitive to the five police officers who were murdered? I have seen plenty of ignorant people making all sorts of claims leveled against police. Yet, the moment you confront their claims with facts you are the enemy because you challenge their narrative with God forbid the truth. More importantly if instead of a gun, would the cowardly mob feel better if it were a brand new car? Because cars don’t kill…oh wait.

Nothing to see here

By now we have all witnessed the vile and evil acts of an Islamic terrorist running people over in Nice France. He ran them over with a large truck and imposed his will and hatred until he was finally killed by you guessed it; a gun. So, we have a truck used for evil and a gun used for good. Do you see the irony here? The truck did not turn itself on, put itself into gear and steer over these poor people to include women and children. It did so because someone made a choice to sit behind the wheel and purposefully murdered those people. When I see this type of reaction to Dave’s announcement, I see nothing more than cowards.

Support hypocrisy

Many within the Crossfit community are the ones pushing the drama truck and they should be ashamed of themselves. The Crossfit community is one where there is great support for one another regardless of your size, gender, age or beliefs. Yet, an inanimate object strikes terror into their hearts and thrusts them into action to stop the insanity. In other words, you can be whoever you want, but a legal object that can be legally owned for the purposes of a legal endeavor is somehow sacrilegist. Grow a pair of balls. You wonder why we are experiencing such turbulent times, a large portion of blame points to this type of thinking, this type of victim mentality.

God bless them and their families

Let me tell you about victims, Sean and Brodie Copeland of Lakeway Texas. A father and son who were vacationing in France and were mowed down by pure hatred and evil. These are the real victims, it has nothing to do with an inanimate object it has everything to do with an ideology of hatred. It has nothing to do with an inanimate object, it has to do with the person making the choice to use that object for evil. If you are calling for more gun control, but cannot utter the words islamic terrorist to describe these events you are a flaming asshole. If you cannot recognize we are all hated by this religion then you are not only part of the problem, but complicit in these heinous acts.

I fully support my Teammate in his choice for one of many prizes to be awarded at this year’s Games and will be watching intently. Those of you with your panties in a wad…I will reserve my true comments and leave you with this; you are cowards.


2 thoughts on “Sad Display of Entitlement

  1. Bo says:

    If only allot of our politicians could recognize the fact that we are indeed hated by these Islamic/extremist religions and they produce these mass killings of innocent people and not the guns. Instead they seem to focus on the insanity of gun control/bans, when will they realize weapons have no will of their own? Good people with guns is our only chance to combat this and maybe make them reconsider their actions.

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