In the tactical community we often reference as part of our decision making process looking at the known versus the unknown. While you may still face challenges in the unknown, the known is a given and provides you with clarity and direction.

Decision making process

Warning…dramatic shift in context begins now! I’m using our tactical decision making process applied in our advanced classes to solve problems. You have to honor this concept of “known versus unknown” because of it’s simplicity and high probability of producing the desired results. Not everything can be controlled in a tactical environment, but without a process to which we make decisions you fall into the analysis paralysis or flat out make poor decisions. So, how does all this shift in context, because I’m talking about politics and specifically the next presidential elections.

Lesser of two evils indeed

I have heard both in discussion and through the internet how some folks are so upset with their choices of presidential nominees they are going to stand on the sidelines and not vote. I understand their rationale, the believe deeply both candidates suck and prove to be a poor president. I do agree, I am not particularly fond of Trump, but I loathe the democratic nominee (I cannot even bring myself to say her name). I’m fearful of what can transpire regardless, but one thing I am even more fearful of is their appointments and in specific their Supreme Court nominees. I understand the U.S. Constitution gives the President power to nominate a Supreme Court Judges subject to approval by our Senate, but I no longer have confidence our system of “checks & balances” will have our best interest in mind.

Laying cards on the table

Given the fact the late Justice Scalia passed away that leaves at a minimum one seat vacant to be filled by the next president. On top of that the average age of a sitting Justice to either retire or die is 75 years old. There are three judges over that age and one very close; which could mean we could see up to five vacancies over the next four to eight years. What does this mean in layman’s terms? It means it is quite possible the next president will have the ability to shift the balance of power within our US Supreme Court to a more likely 7-2 margin. What does this really mean, it means an entire generation could be faced with never seeing another Conservative victory. Let that soak in for a moment because as it is right now the 5-4 margin hasn’t been the most effective at protecting our Conservative values. A 7-2 margin does not just effect our lives, but the lives of pretty much all future generations.


The democratic nominee has made it abundantly clear she wants the Supreme Court to go after our Second Amendment right. That is the KNOWN! If by chance you have been living under a rock and are not aware of the attack on our Second Amendment do a quick search of her ideology as it relates to that constitutional right. If you need a refresher on the attacks on our rights from this family think back to the AWB signed into law by her husband. It should be abundantly clear through her speech and actions she will elect Supreme Court Judges who will dismantle the Second Amendment as we know it now and if that were to happen it sets a precedent the rest of our constitutional rights will fall. There is no stopping them in other words, the checks and balances would have failed with her nominees.

The last stand

I find it hard to believe intelligent people have overlooked this fact. This is the known, while Trump is an unknown and it is quite possible he would elect Justices who would also assault our rights there is no history of his attack on this amendment compared to his rival. Think about your stance long and hard folks because this truly is our last stand to preserve our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I have no doubt if the democratic nominee is elected president we will face the darkest period of our history, darker than the worse president to date.

Don’t let selfish or childish urges confuse the situation, we must take a stand!

"The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." Plato, a philosopher in Classical Greece and the founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world.

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