There is a lot more to carrying concealed than simply throwing a t-shirt over your rig. You have to change your lifestyle to accommodate…or do you?

Clothing challenges

We have been teaching our Concealed Carry Tactics classes for the last several years with great success. The observations along the way are invaluable to the new practitioner. In the beginning, your clothing choices should support the level of concealment required for your handgun and supporting equipment. As someone new to the endeavor it will pose challenges you probably have not faced in your lifetime. Challenges such as purchasing pants and shorts in larger than normal sizes to accommodate the added bulk. Clothing less flattering to help obscure your loadout and even abstaining from attention getting choices many might have been accustomed to in the past. All this to help create a low profile, someone that doesn’t attract attention to themselves.

Live your life

I am an avid supporter of living your life…and carrying concealed while I do so. You may struggle in the beginning, but at some point you will want to move on with your life. Be with family, attend social events and enjoy the one life God has blessed you with. Make it a point to work your concealment requirements around your lifestyle and not the other way around. No more was this proven than in the American workplace. A workplace devoid of supporting elements such as un-tucked appearances, frumpy clothing and less than professional appearance. Yes, this may be the “uniform” you have to wear weekdays from 9-5, but it doesn’t mean you are without options if you are truly a student of the art.

One of one is none

I have considered it a standard practice to have a primary, secondary and back-up method to carrying concealed. This approach has allowed me to navigate my life armed while blending in or actually looking presentable in high society events. The workplace with its business casual to business attire poses it’s own unique challenges, but if you subscribe to the idea of having a three methods of carry you will more than likely have suitable options. The biggest challenge is the realization you may not be able to carry your Mk1Mod0 blaster you are so accustomed  to on the weekends. You may have to consider reducing your loadout, electing to carry something smaller and more compact. Your decision making matrix should look pretty simple. A choice between no gun or a smaller, compact gun with limited performance.

Workplace challenges

Some of these smaller handgun choices are ideally suited for business attire. Even then, they still require you to work to conceal them well. Some environments are prohibitive environments, workplaces where firearms are banned. Your decision to carry must be metered with the consequences of your decision. If you decide to wade into these waters your ability to conceal with your back-up choice comes with the responsibility of shooting your back-up well, to a minimum standard. The added challenges of workplace attire with compact choices is all manageable and provides you with a capability many avoid because they are unwilling to consider other handgun choices.

The key is your life cannot revolve around concealing a handgun. Live your life and get better at concealing your blaster.

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