While we work to rebuild from the recent storms here in Texas you cannot wait until the last minute and expect to fare well. You will have to put time in advance to stock pile supplies for sure, but are you prepared for the civil unrest that follows these natural disasters.

A very thin veil

It should not be a surprise despair, unpreparedness and fear will bring out the worse in many people. I had to sit on the sidelines and watch since I could not reach my extended family in the affected areas. They were somewhat prepared, but not so much for the cruelty some will exhibit. How some will take advantage of the situation, those willing to help and those unable to defend themselves. How there are some who take advantage of the dire situation to rob, loot and in some case interfere with rescue services. While I abide by a simple life theory of giving people the benefit of the doubt, unfettered violence is shrouded by a very thin veil.

Proud Texan, Proud American

This can’t all be doom and gloom, it is important to draw attention to how our nation has come together. How strangers, neighbors and even foreigners have come to help lend a hand where they can. Everything from food drives, to supplies and even opening their homes such as my family. I am so damn proud of all my fellow Texans who stepped up, assisted in rescues or who in some cases stood between those very volunteers and those who would try to do them harm. Without much thought they left their family behind so they could help those in need. Take a moment to appreciate the generosity and support, it is good for our soul as a nation.

You are all alone

It is a fact of life there are natural disasters. I believe we are lucky, not that we dodged a bullet, but that we have an entire branch of the government dedicated to preparing and assisting. Do not forget how herculean a task preparing nation is along with executing the plan. While we keep getting better, you must acknowledge the loneliness you will experience initially. it could be hours or days until help can arrive. There are much better resources available about for preparing for natural disasters than I can provide. What I want to address is being prepared for violence. In these desperate times realize how alone you really are and how fast that can happen.

Arm yourself, prepare for violence

I don’t care what your personal beliefs are, when the rule of law is no longer honored you truly are on your own. Provisions aside, you need to defend your family first. They are your number one priority so ask yourself how will you make that happen. There is no 911 to call, no police car rolling up to your rescue. How are you going to repel a gang of criminals robbing and looting at will? If you haven’t invested in a firearm you need to rethink why not. A duty grade pistol and duty grade rifle/shotgun are the bare minimum. Ammunition, maintenance equipment and medical supplies are equally important.

These events bring out the worse in some, but the best in others. Don’t be a victim, be armed and dangerous.

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