If you are not aware of it, I hate publicizing individual pocket dumps. I think it is almost on par with those who openly carry.

Less than educated or informed

However, they can serve a purpose as far as identifying what not to do, not to carry or not to conceal. Friend and fellow trainer Greg Ellifritz does a great job with his #dontdigtherig as a counter balance to the published photos that abound. The vast majority of times I am on-board with his opinions, but every now and then we disagree. The beautiful thing about the internet is the opportunity to share our life experiences; which greatly shape or influence our life choices. Whether those life choices have a good or bad outcome is to be determined, but it is important to note as Greg does how some of these posts can imply validation to the less than educated or informed. I couldn’t agree more with him, many will go through their lives without realizing their choices have outcomes different from their intended expectations.

One of one is none

In response to his #dontdigtherig I’ll respond with #dontdigthereview. His review can be read by following this link. In the review photo depicts a user who did put some thought into his selection. While I may not make the same choices we see these items in our classes and they perform to task. One of Greg’s criticisms pointed out how the holster selection was adequate, but less than ideal. The holster relies on a large single soft loop to affix to the wearer. It does reduce the concealability and impedes optimal positioning. The single soft loop is positioned on the main body of the holster increasing the overall bulk. However, my issue is not with the holster, but with magazine pouch.

Maybe not ideal, but…

The soft loop will present a larger profile than some other options on the market, however the profile will be far less than the magazine pouch carried typically on the weak side hip. While I see the importance of carrying spare ammunition, if you are not reducing your signature I feel it impacts your overall concealability factor. There are a few options to improve your concealability for carrying magazine pouches inside the waistband or in pockets. Truthfully, I don’t carry spare ammunition in a magazine carrier anymore. I can do a better job of reducing my signature using other options. If our overall objective is to reduce our profile items carried in the waistband versus on the waistband will meet that goal more reliability in a variety of conditions.

The worse case

My next point has nothing to do with concealing. It is more about gear selection, specifically the tungsten recoil spring guide rod. While I’m not a big fan of this choice, I do favor a traditional recoil spring guide rod over the captured OEM. There are two main reasons, when a captured recoil spring fails and they do it renders the firearm inoperable. In 2014 we had one OEM guide rod failure described. In 2015 we had three and in 2016 we had one. In all fairness I believe the reason for failure was neglect, the user did not bother to keep a round count log or practice periodic maintenance; which is my point. Very few keep a round count and fewer replace parts known to fail or cause failures.

Here’s the why…

My suggestion is first to encourage keeping a round count log and replacing the recoil spring at 5k for 9mm calibers. That works great for those who do keep a log, but what about those who don’t or don’t intend to keep a log what options do they have or could use. I keep a brand new recoil spring still in the packaging with my cleaning kit and when I am inspecting my blaster for wear and tear I will compare the used recoil spring with the new and if the used is shorter by two full coils I will replace it on the spot with the new one. How did I come up with two full coils? Years ago I had some input from folks I trusted who gave me the suggestion, but it still was a bit subjective. My contribution was more a scientific wild ass guess. In all the years of keeping round counts I noticed around 5k to 6k  the spring set was right around the two coil mark hence my suggestion.

Your mileage may very or viewpoints may be different, but it forces you to think. It forces you to consider alternate view points in a collegiate atmosphere; which is a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Pocket Dump Problems

  1. Billy says:

    Question about this comment…

    “I do favor a traditional recoil spring guide rod over the captured OEM. ”

    Are you inferring that you prefer an after-market, non-captive guide rod for Gen 4 Glocks? If so I’d be curious what you are recommending for G17, G19, G34 and G43. If you’re simply referring to Gen 3…I’m with you.

    I have several boxes of holsters that have been replaced by the latest and greatest offerings. Sometimes I wish we could go back to the pre-Kydex days. Fortunately, Sparks now offers Summer Special 2 leather holsters for Glock.

    Being one with very, very little natural cushioning at the waist, I find Kydex resting directly against my bones to be most uncomfortable.


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