The recent increase in school violence should disturb everyone. These are our children, our future…

The ugly truth

First off, as a student I don’t really care for your opinion. I don’t care for much the same reasons I don’t care for the opinions from anti-gun organizations. They are based on fear and fallacy, they lack logic and facts. It is an inanimate object. If we are really worried for our teenager’s safety then we would ban cell phones. We would start by banning these items while driving. Let’s be honest, if we really cared about the safety of our fellow human we would ban them from everyone while driving. They account for 1.6 million crashes every year. Let that soak in for a moment. That means approximately 1 out of 4 car accidents are caused by texting and driving. While these statistics are broad let’s look at a survey conducted by AAA; which says “94% of teen drivers acknowledge the dangers of texting and driving, but 35% admitted to doing it anyway.” You want more scary, 21% of teen drivers involved in fatal accidents were distracted by their cell phones. Yeah, don’t pretend this is about their safety. This is about restriction, ultimately leading to confiscation. If you are a teenager I hope you can hear this clearly, if you participated in any walkouts to support gun control as opposed to prohibiting cell phones you are a idiot to the tenth degree.

Violence empowering zone..

You want to talk about safety in school. You better be talking about abolishing “gun free” zones. It is not until we address this issue we will see any measurable efforts. Why? Simple, unless you are willing to tackle the dumbest thing first, don’t waste your time with other measures. Not to mention, no school shooting incident was EVER thwarted by a sign that read “gun free”. If you cannot address this issue then your logic or more likely your feelings are misguided at best. If you truly want to address violence directed at our children you will be discussing two very important topics; mental health and bullying. You need to consider the poor mental health conditions of just about every violent act used to champion the anti-gun movement. Bullying is really about weakness, it is about picking on the weak because you, yourself are a coward. Standing up to bullies, having a zero tolerance to chronic bullying should be a top priority. With two kids in high school I can tell you it is not; it is swept under the rug rather than swiftly dealt with and you wonder why we have these issues. Some will suggest violence to fight back against bullying. All I can say is your right to self defense should never be denied and I’m talking to you schools. If you are afraid of being beat up and live in daily fear then tell someone, share it with someone who can help.

What are the answers

What can we do to help protect our children. Understand it is not an easy task. You cannot waive a magic wand and expect one measure to work. It must be a multi-layered approach. You cannot rely on armed law enforcement in every school. That is mathematically and financially an impossibility. Where will they come from, who will pay for them and how will the vacuum created affect these very school communities. Arming teachers is a bad idea. Who do you think is responsible for indoctrinating our youth with stupid these days. Teachers, faculty and administrators are predominately liberal. However, those who voluntarily want to be armed should have that right. Metal detectors, school badges and other force protection measures are feel good at best. They are still not treating the cause, only the symptoms.

The bottom line is we and when I say we, I’m really talking about the anti-gun groups, are not serious about protecting. As for the children, get back in school. Educate yourself and vote…unless we decide to change the voting age to 21; which may not be a bad idea considering.


1 thoughts on “Silly Schools

  1. brobin001 says:

    “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” – Benjamin Franklin

    I wish I could me more optimistic about the state of our nation. Unfortunately, I am not encouraged by what I see. Personal responsibility, on so many levels, is not only frowned upon, but is becoming criminalized. Natural “rights” and natural “laws” are considered obsolete. Heck, we have people who can’t even agree that there are two genders.

    We are a divided nation, one with a very confused and misinformed people, who are steered by emotion, lies and half-truths from the media and politicians. Just this week, our nation’s president, hired to supposedly “drain the swamp” of Washington DC and to be “tough”, signed an Omnibus bill openly ADMITTING to the American people that he was unhappy with the bill and he would never sign a bill like this again. (No one read the bill, by the way). Thanks, Donald – is this what winning is supposed to feel like?

    Jeff, I know you are trying hard and I respect and appreciate that. I wish we had more people like you, but we don’t. Keep fighting the good fight.

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