I travel less these days, but I still workout when I’m on the road. You don’t need a lot, in fact just a few easy to pack items can go a long way.

These Old Bones

These days I put a lot of stock into mobility. My range of motion is decreasing or is harder to stay at optimal conditions. I work just about every day on some form of mobility and that includes when I’m on the road. I have a routine I follow, but since I probably won’t get into a gym for a good workout I do more mobility. Typically, I’m on my feet all day so I will add a little mobility after class once I’ve gotten back to the hotel. I like to keep it short and sweet. I prefer consistency over volume and let me tell you it works.

Keeping It Simple

To keep myself healthy and limber while on the road I rely on four easy to pack items; a jump rope, resistance band, massage ball and roller. That’s it! Now, if I’m going to be in a location longer than 3-4 days I will bring my full workout load-out, but for most weekend classes this will meet my needs quite well. These all fit in a small bag I toss in my checked back. The roller is actually ingenious and lays flat for packing so it doesn’t take up much space. Even if you don’t want to go with my version, there are plenty of others out there. I opted for the hollow version early on because I could use the cavity to store clothes or other items to make up for the size.

Getting the Heart-rate Going

The jump rope is something I use when I want to sweat a little. You don’t need much skill to jump rope and it is hugely valuable along with low impact. If all you can do are single-unders then a couple of intervals on and off is all you need. If you are really looking to up your game you can go with double-unders. The difference being single-unders have the rope passing under your feet once for every jump. Double-unders has the rope passing twice. A lot more technical than it sounds and I still struggle with large sets, but for getting my heart rate going in a hotel room it is hard to beat.

Not That Kind of Massage

When it comes time for my mobility, I like to add the use of resistance bands. It helps generate a deeper stretch and can be used for just about every movement. The other reason I like a resistance band is for those problem stretches or areas that need a little extra. The band helps me achieve a deeper stretch. It also allows me to perform stretches I’m not good at a little better by giving me support. The massage ball is deceptively simple and evil all at the same time. Standing on your feet all day can wear you out and using this ball to help loosing tight muscle groups is both pleasure and pain. Rolling my calves, feet and quads will go a long way to a better sleep I have realized over the years. Then there is the collapsible roller. I love this thing! I can roll just about every major muscle group out and it feels wonderful…maybe not at first though. There’s a lot of grunting going on, but it is all good. The massage ball is great, but sometimes too intense for some areas. The roller with it’s larger surface area feels just fine. I can sometimes just lay on it for a few minutes doing nothing but breathing and feel so much better.

Nothing if free and getting old is not for the weak. These tools help me stay younger and do my job better while assisting me to achieve the highest quality of life.

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