Unless you have been living under a rock you know the caliber wars are over and 9mm won. Whether you like it or not, that is the harsh reality.

Not A Stranger

I’m no stranger to the 1911 having carried it for a long time as my primary. I loved it! Loved how it shot. I loved what I could do with the pistol who’s history is long and prestigious. I was lucky to bear witness to some of the best carrying this blaster and learn from them. I remember when I decided against carrying such a heavy load out. When, the weight, spare magazines and maintenance got old. The lesson I have learned over the years is I would rather carry more bullets. It wasn’t a major news flash, more of a gentle reminder.

Where Are Your Priorities

I see a different view point as an instructor. I see frustration and irritation in students. There are two types of people who carry a 1911. Those who know and those who don’t. If you know, you are aware of the challenges trying to keep up with the “wonder-nines” in a high intensity setting. You know there is extra maintenance and attention to keep things running. You spend a lot of your time contending with these two points. You watch as other students load faster, have more free time and otherwise chill during class. The mental energy you spend keeping the gun running could easily be spent focusing on other priorities such as marksmanship.

It’s A Marathon

Even when the 1911 is chambered in 9mm the single stack versions still have a difficult time keeping up with other students. While there are some really nice double stack 9mm guns on the market they rarely find their way into the hands of students who would benefit. The goal as a student is to reduce the number of distractions allowing you to maintain strict focus on marksmanship. At a certain point gains in your skill development are measured in inches versus miles. Those distractions don’t assist you, they don’t help clear your plate.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

It is hard to argue with good old fashion American ingenuity. I love breaking my old warhorses out to blast away. I doubt I would take them to a class unless the class was about shooting 1911’s. Instead, I would find the best gun to help me achieve success in class. A gun that I can shoot countless rounds through with little maintenance. That isn’t a burden to carry in a high intensity class. One where my ammunition bill is closer to a good night out at a fine steakhouse. The two students I saw most recently in class with 1911’s ran them fine. They had the usually challenges of keeping them loaded and running, but they did fine. A comment from one and I’m paraphrasing, “had I known, I would have brought a 9mm.” That says a lot.

This article is not a hit piece against the 1911. It was designed to think about the big picture and your goal for attending the class.

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