There are a lot of times we get some place by accident. Where you didn’t expect the outcome, but happy for the experience.

Training For The Unknown

During this time period I have seen this perspective from many of the new shooters we have worked with recently. Many are not sure what to expect; which is normal. They are walking into undiscovered territory and figuring things out as they move along. I get the feeling this represents a larger body than most might believe. The motivation behind so many gun purchases recently is uncertainty. There are a lot of unknowns many are confronting during these trying times. There is some semblance of control many feel is absent in their lives. Personal safety is a big one.

Coming To The Grand Conclusion

When personal safety is questionable to an ever growing number of the population you should really start to pay attention. Are these the same type of people who went out and bought roll after roll of toilet paper. They don’t strike me as the type, could a couple have pull a fast one me, of course. What I see is a lot of people are recognizing their personal safety is their personal responsibility. A novel concept to them. While they may have felt they had exercised personal responsibility in the past it appears more are realizing there were severe gaps. As they discover these gaps, they first one they come to is personal safety.

The Underdog

In comes the guns. Without question the most iconic tool to personify personal safety is a gun. It separates the flock from those who can and those who can’t. Of course you don’t need a gun to do that, but the mental decision they went through shows an acceptance of their willingness to act. Then, the optimal means to act is with a firearm in many cases. It makes it very hard for others to impose their will or for them to be committed to imposing their will in the face of armed resistance. This really defines us as a nation, the underdog. We as a nation always come back, we always get up from the mat and move forward.

Injury & Incarceration

There is an open ended questions I see forming on many lips. What now? For some, they realize there is more to personal safety than the mere ownership of a firearm. Owning a firearm does not omit you from crime or violence. It is merely the means to fight back against violence. It is a mutual agreement that should you pursue this course of action I will fight back and I have the tools to do so well. All predators on the planet must concern themselves with injury. Once injured even the mighty lion can become prey. In the human race, there is one other fear predators have and that is of incarceration. While some may be blasé about it, others truly recognize the negative outcome of both this conditions. That to pursue their course of action could lead to injury, incarceration or both.

This can tip the scales in favor of the victim, this can put them in the driver’s seat and provide them with a means to beat back the unknown. This is what I believe we are seeing and it is a pretty great thing.

Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating. Carl Von Clausewitz, Prussian General & military theorist

2 thoughts on “The Eye Of The Hurricane

  1. Dan Nagai says:

    Jeff –
    This is the 1st time in my life that I won’t be voting for a Republican this November. I did not vote for Billary because of Bengazi and alot of other things. I was a little uncertain when Trump started signing a mass amount of “Executive Orders” in the beginning. Executive Order 9066 was signed by FDR to place my great grandparents, my grandparents, mom and dad in an internment camp (Camp Manzanar) for three years during WWII. But Trump lies, is vindictive, has a big ego and is doing a terrible job of leading this country through this pandemic virus. He makes no sense at all. Plus, he has done absolutely nothing to support my 2nd Amendment rights. I was told two days before he made an announcement on TV that there was going to be a total lockdown in the U.S. by my sister’s friend who’s relative works in the Pentagon. Well Trump must have fucked that up, too. Now, Dr. Fauchi is not invited to his daily press conferences and Trump says some stupid things, suggesting that people take some unproven prescription medication and injest disinfectant? WHF??? No more Trump for me. Yeah, I think that we are in for some deep shit. My family has everything that we need and are all hunkered down now. Since my accident, I have some immunity issues. I am now 64 and my mom is 94.
    Things are whacky. I have cases of ammo, but in L.A. County, Winchester White Box .45 ACP 230 gr. usually goes for ~ $19. But Turner’s Outdoorsman is gouging customers! They are now raping people for the same ammo @ $40.00 for 50 rds. I am no prepper, but I am very careful not to let others know that we are prepared for the long hall. I don’t see any cure coming up soon and I’m a very conservative & cautious person. If Trump thinks that everything is getting better, then why isn’t he, his wife and kid doing “meet & greets” in NYC without masks and gloves??? His approval rating is taking a dump. “Nero fiddled while Rome burned”. ? Stay safe my friend and avoid the radar.
    – Dan

    • Jeff Gonzales says:

      There are a lot of bad things going on right now. When we look back at this event the points that will be vivid will be leadership. History will remember the leaders or lack of leadership during this time period. When you look at Trump and Newsom time will tell who lead their people through these tough times and did not.

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