Let’s face it, our industry is not without issues. There is always an attempt to one up, re-release something and to persuade many in the name of science.

A Great Punch Line

At first it was somewhat comical. Someone would say in a joking manner, “it’s science, bro.” I’ll admit to laughing at what was nothing more than a punch line. Along the way they became more of marketing ploy, a new way of one upping. Well, my technique or tactic has science so it is better. Then we reach a new level when we start to reject other techniques or tactics because they don’t have this so called science. If your techniques or tactics don’t have science you are not able to worship these false idols.

Science, The New Tactical

Very little and I mean very little in our industry is actually science. Using that term is akin to the new “tactical”. I watch as so many folks clammer on board this new bandwagon in an effort to flex an intellectual fake muscle. Lines are drawn between one camp and another. There is a sense of extreme devotion to one’s methods whether science is involved. It is used to create a perceived advantage whether one can actually be based on a scientific method. It is used to gain a metamorphic piece of the high ground. It disappointing how perverse the term has become and worse used.

A Fair Experiment

When people use the term science it is not science really. It is their own attempt at being scientific, but it is not science. They use crafty terms, but their process would often not meet the scientific method standard. First, what are you trying to prove or disprove. What is the question you are trying to answer. What research currently exists that might answer the question or provide clarity on your direction. Then, what is your hypothesis. In other words, what is the predictable relationship between two variables; the independent and dependent. To be fair, what controls and conditions have you set and most important what is the variability you need to account for to make it all work. Science is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing a systematic study.  The two main vehicles are through observation and experiment. When folks try to use science to illustrate a point without understanding science it’s nothing more than an attempt to persuade you by sounding smarter. If you start to dive into the world of science you realize how much you really don’t know.

You Might Be A Pseudo Scientist If

If you see someone use the word science in their statement, take a step back and ask yourself some important questions. Do you know how to tell the difference between science and everything else. Does it define an objective truth? As opposed to outcome based information. There is a big difference and most people don’t want to look further because of their own bias. I’m okay with that, it doesn’t bother me in the least, but own it. Don’t try to convince me otherwise based on your half truths. Instead, be good with what you know or think you know. I can appreciate your intentions, but it is not science.

Lowest Form Of Objective Truth

Our industry has no real science based material. Probably the closest might be terminal performance testing, but even then there are a lot of unknowns or variables. The simple reason is the undeniable fact we cannot account, nor control for all the variables encountered. The pursuit of truth is very narrow, there is little wiggle room. I have listened to a lot “observations” that through their findings have come to a singular conclusion. They all have something in common, they are based off anecdotal observations; eye witness accounts or similar. The funny part is no scientist worth their salt would base their hypothesis on eye witness accounts. Let that soak in for a moment. This one statement smashes many claims to the science alter. Some may lead you to believe their findings are sacred because they are largely due to eye witness accounts. It does make sense to me why they may feel this way. Because in our industry, eye witness accounts are the highest form of legal precedence. However, in science eye witness accounts are the lowest form of objective truth.

The one good thing about all this science talk is I have become more appreciative for three letters and the impact they have our industry. Why…

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