It is no surprise the level of importance we place on standards, both in our classes and in our training. Without standards it is hard to value your current skill level, but it is also easy to be wasteful.

The Pain Is Real

In this time where ammunition available is difficult for some, impossible for others it becomes even more important we adhere to standards. When I started teaching in the private sector over 20 years ago I was amazed at how much push back there was regarding standards. People did not like them, didn’t want them in their training and pushed back in not so subtle ways. Some don’t believe me, but I literally had one department threaten to withhold payment unless we passed all their people. After a discussion on the importance of standards and how valuable this information was to them as a department they eventually came around. I will never forget the conversation nor my surprise I was having it in the first place.

Let It Be A Lesson

While less likely today, there are still plenty who shriek away from performance based training. Instead of discovering for themselves, they choosing to believe their skill passes muster. With all the recent scientific discussion about D&K and cognitive dissonance it has helped overcome something I have been facing for years. The simple fact most are not as good as they think they are that is totally okay. We need to get past that. Instead of looking at it through winner or looser lens, you need to look at through the winner & lesson lens. Everything is a lesson if you let it be a lesson.

What’s In A Box

As you approach your training in this manner it benefits you during times when supplies are in short demand. You cannot afford to not train and when you do, you must ensure your training brings value. How do we value something, through measuring. Its not a bad idea to ration your ammunition for range sessions during this time. If you are expending 50 rounds or one box then you want to make every round count. You can probably guess what areas you are deficient or weak to focus your training. I know I’m struggling with some precision at distance for time so I choose to spend a portion of my training focused on developing this skill in specific.

A Keen Observers Eye

What a lot of people don’t realize is the box of ammunition even with standards applied will only get you so far. Proper formalized instruction designed to evaluate your skill then sustain or improve your skill is ideal in these times. After completing formalized instruction you can take this information and use it to help design your personal training. There is a lot that can be accomplished with a do it yourself attitude, but if you don’t know what to work on or how it may result in the rounds you fire not producing the intended results. I mean wasted in the sense you either do not know what to work on or improve. If you do know what to work on, you do not know how to improve. I’m afraid there is very little that can replace hands on instruction from a qualified instructor. Someone who can through observation see the shooting errors, then apply corrective strategies to help remedy them and structured training to reinforce the learning loop. Doing so in an efficient manner that makes the most out of the allocated ammunition.

Don’t crawl into a hole with your current training or skill level. Believe it or not, now is the time to sharpen your edge.

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