Creating The Opportunity For Growth

Every now and then we take a complaint about our accuracy standards for being so tough on shot placement or our scoring. What they sometimes don’t see is how important building trust and treating students fairly is factored into the standards.


Building Trust

On the one hand, I hear what they are saying. I’m not saying our standards are tougher than anyone else’s. What I’m saying is we enforce our standards as a matter of principle across the board. Regardless of the situation, our primary goal is to be as consistent with our standards as humanly possible. I cannot emphasize how important it is to students they know what is expected as far as performance. Students are putting themselves in a vulnerable position when they come to a class. The instructor’s job is building trust at the same time treating all students fairly to ease student’s concerns. What many don’t get and surprising to see so many with instructor titles is the importance behind building trust and managing expectations.

Trust The Process

There needs to be a level of trust the students will be treated fairly, consistently and universally. The last thing you want to do is show favoritism or a bias. This will kill the validity of any program no matter how popular. The integrity of your program needs to be beyond reproach. When students trust the process they are more inclined to invest in the process; thereby reaping the rewards. The idea everyone is treated equally is a fundamental truth we as instructors need to make a top priority.

Time To Get Your Learn On

Expectations are integral to advancing as a student. Not so much in a step by step guide, but in the sense of managing their own anxiety. There will always be some nerves when placed in a new situation. This uncomfortable nature of learning new things happens to everyone. Some will manage it better than others, but when expectations can be managed it makes for a much better learning environment. This in turn removes barriers to learning and paves the way for a positive experience.

Check For Comprehension

The best way to manage expectations is to trust, but verify. While I might explain something as if it were common sense, I do not assume it is understood. I check for comprehension by asking questions and seeking feedback. This allows the student and I to see eye to eye. A lot of times I ask the student what they are thinking, or what do they think happened. This will help me better gauge the understanding of an important concept, but it also allows the student to translate what I said into something that makes sense to them.

Message Deliver Method

To facilitate all of this, there must be a set of standards for everyone to follow. No one is above or below, everyone must satisfactory meet the standards. When you meet the standards it shows the message deliver method was successful.The system looks something like communication, comprehension and application. I as the teacher communicate an idea to the student. The student receives the message, processes it and then attempts to apply the message in practical terms. The means to evaluate how well this system works is through standards. My expectations are that you may not meet the standards, but you understand what is expected. In the beginning of class I express to everyone my expectations of them while in the class. To give your best effort in everything we do, to be honest with yourself and to not make excuses.

The experience for all students should be the same, no matter the format. Create the opportunity for growth by  building trust and treating students fairly is the key.

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