Navy Seal and owner of Trident Concepts, Jeff Gonzalez stops in to talk about the current state of things. I love catching up with Jeff and his mindset and approach is second to none. One of the most original and genuine instructors in the game.

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Jeff Gonzales in conversation with John Bartolo Summary Jeff Gonzales is a Navy Seal and president of Trident Concepts. He is a nationally recognized weapons and tactics instructor. Jeff and John chat about the gun industry being affected by the pandemic. They talk about the new gun owners emerging from the pandemic and how Jeff managed to train these new gun owners in spite of the ammo shortage. They have an interesting discussion about a whole range of varied topics.

Time Stamps

1:00—John begins the show by thanking the sponsors. He welcomes Jeff Gonzales, Navy Seal and weapons instructor to the show.

3:24—Jeff talks about the challenges of ammo shortage and smaller classes that he faced as an instructor during the pandemic in 2020.

5:30–He put the onus on the students regarding what they wanted to learn and how they managed their supply of ammo.

8:48—John and Jeff talk about the industry and losing the gun battle. Jeff feels the need to change the narrative and have everybody on the same page. The need to address the real issues is very important.

16:55—John talks about the contradictory situation of getting rid of all the guns and defunding the police and de-balling the military at the same time.

24:25—John and Jeff talk about the lack of unified leadership in the industry.

37:43—John talks about the candidates that we have to vote for. A lot of them don’t stand for anything. New voters need to make educated votes based on what the candidate stands for.

54:15—John and Jeff talk about Hollywood, the Oscars, cancel culture, going Woke, Gina Carano, the trend of remaking old movies, movie theatres, streaming, Lebron James and the race to be relevant.

Key Quotes

4:50— “The big thing we learnt from the pandemic was that if you did not have the ability to adapt and adjust on the fly, you weren’t going to make it.” Jeff Gonzales

12:05— “We need to set the terms for how we want to engage.” Jeff Gonzales

13:10— “Stop engaging in dialogue with the Left when it revolves around gun violence. If we want to have a conversation with the masses, make it about what’s really the issue.” Jeff Gonzales

15:52— “We are always in a reactionary mode. We are never in a place where we can move our agenda forward and safeguard those rights through legislation, community education, and involvement.” Jeff Gonzales

20:43— “The Left’s agenda forced the conversation on so many people who were agnostic about guns. Those people are a large makeup of these 10 million new gun owners.” Jeff Gonzales

24:07— “What is hurting the industry the most is its lack of unified leadership.” Jeff Gonzales

28:06— “One of the hardest things that I had to overcome when I left the navy was the difference in attitude when I got into the private sector where it is not about the team. It’s about the individual. It took me years of pulling my hair out because I didn’t understand why we couldn’t all be unified in the same mission or same team.” Jeff Gonzales

33:37— “What you can create in your head as far as the worst-case-scenario, we are not far from it.” Jeff Gonzales

49:40— “If you want to see how corruptible a person is, give them power.” Jeff Gonzale

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