In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast we launch Round 2 of our NRA 2023 batch of interviews. To help Lefty kick off the show and to announce another big promotion or two is Parker and Chad with KELTEC, you will not want to miss this. Also in this episode is Patriot Rich representing JK Armament to talk about their line of silencers. David Foster of FOSTECH tells us about their super lightweight line of AR-15s , their Echo pull and release triggers and the Origin Shotgun. Paul Markel with Student Of The Gun talks about the release of the late James Yeager’s new book “The Four Pillars Of Fighting” Marco Vorobiev (Author, former Spetznaz) drops in to join the conversation with Jeff Gonzales with Trident Concepts to talk about the differences in compact, sub-compact and micro-compact handguns and aspects of training with them.

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Trident Concepts
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